Thursday, March 31, 2016


I'm back!! Mostly. As of today I am at least 90% myself- I wore makeup and everything, but holy crap coming back from the flu was a PROCESS and a really crappy one.

When I last posted it was Monday afternoon and I'd been in a depressed delirium all day. Still popping fevers, still sleepy and out of it, still weak as a kitten while not being nearly as adorable. I'd missed Easter with my kids and basically lived on the couch, a sad crumbled curmudgeon who changed shirts every 90 minutes because she kept sweating through them. I was not in a great place.

On Tuesday I woke up feeling human-ish, so I went to work at 10 and by 3 I was done. Capital-D-done. It was good to take a step back into the real world, but I got home, curled up on the couch, turned on the TV for the kids and waited semi-awake for James to get home and do all the things for the 7th day in a row. He did and I went to bed and slept for 15 hours.

I went to work again yesterday, for 5 hours this time, and felt good enough at the end to stop at the store, make dinner, pour a glass of wine, and actually join the family while eating it! Huge steps forward! I really missed them.

tonight's front yard shenanigans

oh, we go down the step?

nailed it!

Today was basically a regular full day, topped with another swim lesson for Cora (started out bad then went SO well!), and then I sat outside and watched the kids play on a beautiful evening and felt so good, I texted our nanny and asked her to come back at 7 and surprised James with a date night.


I was back baby. Margaritas and flirting and conversation- I am non-feverish, non-sweaty person who wears clothes that aren't pajamas! Let's drink TWO margaritas and then you can carry me to the car because WHOAH I have lost my tolerance for alcohol.

totally unnecessary

On the upside, all the swim suits I ordered from Express when the site was 50% off came in yesterday and I tried them on last night and the post-flu look is a flattering one if you ignore all the paleness.

I ended up keeping this one. Cute, yes? I can't wait until we can uncover our pool again- it's my favorite part of the whole year where the kids swim all day and I sit in the shade and sip cocktails and invite friends over and then everyone under 10 falls asleep super early and it's just the best.

I'll be back at the barre on Saturday and then I can't wait to get back into my newly claimed groove of barre, yoga, and Orangetheory HIIT and just feel like a strong, steady-temperatured person again. 8 days of vacation, 5 days of vacation recovery, 7 days of flu and I'm (mostly) back baby!

Irrelevant, but I found this in the playroom and it cracked me up. Proof positive that Cora remains everyone's favorite person in our house.


  1. The tequila killed whatever lingering flu germs you had left. ;) Glad you're feeling better - that's almost a month of being out of the groove and I know that would drive me crazy!!

  2. Whoo hoo!!!

    Hey, I have to ask. Do you guys ever talk to your in-laws? Do they even know Cora was born or how successful James' business is? Just wondering, as a long-time blog reader.

    1. We do not. They know Cora was born and that James started a business because over his objections, I still send them a Christmas card each year. But they haven't responded.

    2. That's amazing (on their part!) that they don't reply. Hell, I'm proud of him/you/the Lag Liv family and I don't know you at all! I cannot imagine knowing one of my kids was out there in this world and I didn't have any connection with them. Their loss, I know, but what a flabbergasting one.

  3. So my news reader picked the bikini bottoms as the picture to associate with your post. That plus the headline had me REALLY wondering what was going on in LL land. ;)

    1. LOL! That's awesome. What a tease.