Monday, February 1, 2016

Shoes, and other important matters

I taught barre 4 times in the last 8 days, and I've been to yoga twice, which is great because I'm actually following a resolution and I feel strong and fit and just really really good, but it's bad because I get home about 9 each night, take a hot bath, and then laze about like a wine-drinking fleece-wearing noodle (lol "like a wine-drinking fleece-wearing noodle" - I AM a noodle. The noodle and I are one.) until 11 when I crawl in bed and sleep like a baby who's never even heard of insomnia.

practicing a new set before class; with help, of course

This has not been conducive to blogging. Neither has my cold, Landon's stomach bug, Claire's cold, my big day at work (my action was approved! woot!), and then last night I settled in to write a post but ended up starting our taxes and that was horrifying. There was a moment when James told me his revenue for the year and I give him a huge high five and then I saw that little box in the top left corner of the turbo tax software calculating like crazy and it finally stops and announces, "You Owe [HUGE FREAKING NUMBER]" and I choked and rescinded my high-five and declared the night to be the NIGHT OF TAXES and we will enter ALL THE THINGS, especially ALL THE EXPENSES AND CREDITS and NO ONE IS SLEEPING until we owe less than the cost of a car. It's fine, it's a good thing really, and he saves money in his business account for this, but I am not an entrepreneur and I cannot handle financial uncertainty, so we pressed on and at midnight our taxes were all done. I need my numbers to be final or there will be no sleeping.

tax experts

Why the philosophy/biology major is the one doing our taxes remains unknown. But it mostly has to do with her need to have everything done 3 months ahead of time.

one of these people has an MBA and degree in finance
both of them sleep just fine with unknown numbers remaining unknown

In other important news, I ordered my first pair of Tom's last week. They arrived, I wrinkled my nose a bit at the fact they don't look like 3 inch heels, and the I put them on and found deliverance. This is my first pair of flat shoes that are't summer sandals or my running shoes. They are SO INSANELY COMFORTABLE. Is this what the hippies have known all along? Mine are tweed-y with flecks of glitter and I wore them all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. At some point on Saturday night I was in my underwear and my feet were cold on the tile floor of our bathroom, so I just slipped on my Tom's and at some point James walked in, saw the lacy bra + panties + Tom combo and was like, I think you're taking this too far.

my Friday, in reverse wearing of shoes

Not to fear, I wore the heels on the right to work today. (And went straight to the gloriously hiddy slippers when I got home; it was a long day.) I also got two new pairs of leggings for $21 each from American Eagle of all places (thanks to a discount code, free shipping, and Ebates; if you're not Ebating, you really should be!) and I LOVE them.

(I just got my latest barre paycheck and I did a lot of extra teaching last month; online shopping ahoy!).

They're a little thin and would be see-through in anything but the most neutral of underthings, but they're beautiful and perfect for mixing up my wardrobe from the front of the class. I particularly love the blue pair with the mesh cut outs. So cute!


And speaking of shoes (because we were, earlier), Cora is OBSESSED with shoes and her feet are covered every single second of the day unless she's in the shower and she has feelings about that we're still working through. She sleeps in her puppy slippers. All night. She adopted Claire's old pink running shoes the moment she saw them in her closet (they're actually a half size too big, but DON'T TRY TO TELL HER THAT; her old, properly fitting, purple running shoes are dead and offensive to her eyes) and would wake up muttering "pink. shoes. pink. shoes.". She steals Claire's boots and dressy sandals constantly.

So, thinking of this, I ordered her an adorable little pair of $15 dress shoes with a tiny heel from Payless for her to wear to her baptism later this month. When they arrived in the mail I wanted to try them on and she fell so head over heels in love she has worn them every moment since and actually cuddles them to her chest while she is sleeping.

After she scuffed them on her bike we made a new "indoors only" rule for them (at least until after Feb. 21) and while it nearly broke her heart for 3 days, she's now come around.

Tonight, 3 seconds after walking in the door

I mean, I love shoes. Love them. But Cora takes it to a whole new level.

As she does with pretty much everything.


  1. Cora and her shoes! So cute, as always.

  2. Long time reader here, just wanted to let you know I tried barre for the first time and loved it :).

    1. Yay! I always love hearing that!! I wish you were all local and could just come to my class. We'd get margaritas after, for balance.

    2. I wouldn't have tried it if it wasn't for you! I agree with margaritas, now I just have to fly from Portland to Texas to take your class!

  3. Where did you get that top in the top left picture (the long sleeved grey one)? The back is amazing and I think I need it in my life!

    1. Oh no, just noticed this comment and you'll probably never see it again, but it's from Gap in their Gap Fit line. They still have it, now in more (better!) colors!