Thursday, January 21, 2016

This post brought to you by Frozen

Claire is home sick today. She's been coughing off and on since the weekend and yesterday her teacher texted me that she coughed pretty much all day and just didn't seem like her cheerful self. So after the world's most enthusiastic Kindergartner hacked up half a lung in her sleep and blearily requested to stay home today, we wrapped her in fuzzy blankets and put Frozen on repeat. James did morning duty while I had my Quarterly Review and FBI call and then we switched so he could go to the pool and I could swath myself in fleece and sing along to Frozen round 3. Hopefully she'll feel better tomorrow. She has gymnastics tomorrow night and loves that even more than fuzzy blankets, cuddling with mom, AND Frozen, so she'll probably try to fake it regardless.

little gymnast!

One of my still unpublished resolutions for this year is to get back on my old routine of working out 4-5x/week. Ideally it would be barre 3x, yoga 1x, and running 1x, but any combination will do. Now that I'm teaching I've gotten really bad about only going to barre when I teach- it's so much more fun and more intense to be at the front of the room yelling out instructions, but I only teach 1-2x/week and I need more than that. Plus I think it's important to remain a student.

down dog!

The good news is that I've been keeping this goal, including getting back into my yoga practice. The bad news is, my body is FEELING it. Every night I get back from class, take a scalding hot bath with my wine and feel warm for the first time all day, and then put on something lightly fuzzy and drape myself across the couch like the deliciously limp noodle that I am. I can barely hold my kindle propped against the couch to flip pages. I definitely can't pick up my computer. I'm pretty much worthless until James is ready to go to bed and then I sleep like the dead, no insomnia, no reading until 3 a.m., just sleeping until my alarm goes off and my first thought is I set it for the wrong time. It's weird. I think I like it, but I was much more productive as an insomniac. I'm sure my body will adjust soon.

~ ~ ~

In other news, I can't stay warm. Like, in my bones. I literally think my body temperature has dropped and I don't know how to get it up again except to wait for summer when the outside temp is equal to what I want my insides to be. Is anyone else this way? It's not just my extremities, though my hands are frequently ice cubes that I enjoy sticking on my husband and children to make them scream, but my whole body. The only time I feel warm is when I take a crazy hot bath, soaking up to my chin in water so hot my body turns red, and then for about 10-15 minutes afterward, I'm gloriously toasty. I used to live in Chicago and I wasn't cold all the time, so this is new. I wear as much fleece as possible at home, but I have limits in a professional environment.

not a professional

Does anyone read the Karen Marie Moning Fever series? What did we think of Feverborn that just came out on Tuesday? I have conflicting thoughts. I still love her world. I love the novelty of her characters and the world and plot she's built. I hate many of the actual characters, all of Mac's (CONSTANT, POINTLESS, REPETITIVE) inner-monologuing, and pretty much anything else Mac actually does too (which is very little because she'd rather overthink things and talk about how things were "in the deep south" even though the book takes place in freaking Dublin and has nothing to do with the south and zomg her character never actually does much of anything). So it's weird I love the series so much when Mac is the heroine and main character, but I'm in it for everyone else - Barrons, Ryodan, Dani/Jada, Dancer, Christian... I love all of them and the crazy wonderful world she's created. So I'll eagerly await and buy Feversong when it comes out next year, and then I'll probably feel let down again when I read it. I'm currently recovering from my messed up relationship with KMM by re-reading all of the Kate Daniels series for the 3rd time. Good gravy those books are good.

~ ~ ~

And finally, I had this convo with Claire this morning while I was getting ready for work:

Claire: I don't want to have babies when I'm a grownup. I just want my baby Cora.
Me: Well, she won't be a baby anymore, she'll be a grownup too!
Claire: That's ridiculous.

Indeed. I wish I could so thoroughly reject the reality of Cora's aging. I saw a video of a mama otter snuggling her tiny brand new baby otter on facebook the other day and it made me cry, so I'd say I don't quite yet have those baby cravings under control.


  1. Before I think better of offering amateur medical advice over the internet, being cold all the time is one of the classic symptoms of low thyroid function OR a circulation issue like Reynaud's. Some people just run cold but if this is new/a change I would def. get checked out just bc it might be a simple thing to resolve and then you can be toasty warm ALL THE TIME! instead of just in a hot bath (not that hot baths are not amazing.)

  2. Yes, I was going to suggest that you have your thyroid checked, as well.

  3. Third here on checking out the constant cold and fatigue with a medical professional. I had both these issues, no other symptoms and turns out I'm hypothyroid. Easily controlled now with a low dose medication daily and I'm warm and energetic again!

  4. Hi!! Never commented but I've been reading for awhile - love your little family! I have a YouTube channel with a bunch of yoga videos you can do at home (maybe with the whole fam!) in case you don't have time or feel like taking a whole class. And I film every week and take requests so send them my way :) namaste from San Diego!!

  5. I'm cold ALL THE TIME.My fingers and toes go white and numb in the winter. But I've always been this way. r 3I was taking a bath a day too but our bathtub never gets hot enough. I finally bought an electric blanket and it's MAGICAL!

  6. I fourth the suggestion to get your thyroid checked. I'm hypothyroid, and usually completely asymptomatic, but in the early weeks of my pregnancy, my levels dropped even more, because the embryo was sucking away everything good and useful, and I was FREEZING till my medication was adjusted upward.