Monday, August 24, 2015

School Is in Session!

One day two or so of our trip I asked Claire, "wouldn't it be great to just stay here forever?" And she turned to look at me and said very seriously, "Mom. It is very important that I start Kindergarten."


And so today she did.

Claire has been ready for Kindergarten since the day that Landon went two years ago. I remember walking out of the classroom and looking back to see little Bear sitting on the carpet with the other kids, legs crossed, waiting expectantly for class to begin.

She was so excited about everything- the classroom, the teacher (the same one we adored when Landon had her for Kinder), the uniform, her new shoes, new socks, new headband. She was dressed and ready to go minutes after waking and we had a fairly orderly breakfast and just enough time for a few pictures before heading down the street to school.

We got to her classroom and once again I was overwhelmed with my happy memories of school. It is just the best. And Kindergarten classrooms are a special combo of primary colors and earnest learners. I love it.

Claire was a pro, saying a cheerful hello to her teacher, giving Mrs. C the now traditional first day of school poppyseed bread I made for each teacher, and finding her desk.

I did capture her one little moment of uncertainty, or maybe just the realization that this thing she'd looked forward to for two years was really happening, when she gave James a hug goodbye.

It's my favorite picture of the day. Daddy and his girls, with Claire seeking a little comfort before taking a deep breath and facing her day with a smile, and Cora clinging on tight because she was definitely not ready for Kindergarten and had no wish to stay. She needs to rule the roost at montessori school a little longer. Like four years longer. (Landon will be in 6th grade when Cora starts Kindergarten; this boggles my mind).

Speaking of Cora, it was her first day of school too!

Swinging her unicorn lunch box around like a weapon, cell phone ready to text her babies- Cora was ready to rock it.

Landon started 2nd grade. He's an old hat at this first day of school business and dutifully smiled for pictures, gave Claire her traditional handshake, and marched to his classroom like a pro.

Tonight found two cheerful elementary schoolers working on homework at the kitchen bar. And a cheerful mom because she could see her two elementary schoolers sitting at the bar while she cooked dinner. The open kitchen remains a constant source of joy.

Cora assigned herself some reading, just to fit in.

School is the best.  Summer is fun, but I think we were all ready for the school routine to come back and rule us once more.

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