Tuesday, March 31, 2015


It's the end of March, which both boggles my mind and makes me very happy. On the one hand, we can't be 25% through 2015 because I still can't remember to write "15" as the year when I sign my subpoenas. On the other, this means summer is coming and I'm only one daycare payment away from only paying for one kid in daycare and getting to watch the kids wear themselves out in the pool for many hours a day. I love both of those things.

Juuuust before she hit the still FREEZING cold water

I broke out my first maxi skirt of the season. I can't believe I only started wearing these last year- they're like a pj pant and blanket rolled into one, plus they're adorable and protect your legs from mosquito bites. I kept swishing the fabric around my ankles all day.

We only had one soccer game to attend this weekend, which felt very freeing. Sort of like with daycare- having put in the time and energy for two of something, just having one seems like a gift.

Landon and I dropped by Costco on Friday night to pick up the two pizzas our family was having for dinner (yes, one Costco pizza is no longer enough; I feel like this is a big family milestone), and he saw these big sun hats that he was certain he and Claire needed. Because they have SPF 50 I decided he was right. Claire wore hers all weekend.

She and Cora were excellent spectators. When she wasn't attaching herself to JP's back or my lap, she was hugging on Cora, who seemed to enjoy the affection. Sometimes she goes feral and bites her hugger, so it was nice not to have any injuries off field.

Claire did lots of cheering for Landon and Cora only ran onto the field once. It was a victory for everyone, including Landon's team, who had an actual soccer game victory.

Because the soccer game was the only thing on our schedule this weekend, we we accomplished about one million tiny to do list items. Everything from me finally getting my watch re-sized (I apparently lost weight in my wrists, which I didn't realize is a thing, and my watch kept rotating around my arm while I was typing at work and it was making me CRAZY, but not as crazy as I feel when I'm not wearing a watch), to putting together a collage of vacation pictures for a frame above JP's dresser, and buying me rash guard from Marshall's that looks surprisingly cute when paired with the matching bikini bottoms. The swim suit might not have actually been on the to do list, but the Easter dress I picked up for Claire was.

Cora is getting 27 teeth at the same time (it is the only explanation) and shared her roller coaster of emotions with us all weekend while wearing her adorable new summer clothes.

We had some highs.

And some lows.

She was greatly offended when I tried to take her picture.

Only to pause and pose for one 30 seconds.

Try to keep up mom, everything is fine now.

Lots of terrible things happened, like the toy lawn mower facing the wrong way after she pushed it to face in that exact direction.

On Sunday, we took a family trip to Ikea an hour away to buy a desk that turned out to look comically small when JP sat at it. Cora sat in every single chair in the office area while the big kids played in Smaaland and we walked out with several dignitet wire curtain rods and another set of plastic kid cups and bowls. Maybe not quite worth the 4 hour excursion, but soon the kids will be able to hang their art on the walls of their room and they are VERY excited about it. They really like to "decorate" for the holidays, which is adorable, but I really like to not have tape on my walls, so we've been at an impasse.

Now we just need JP to get home early enough one night to hang the wires using the screws that weren't included and the indecipherable, wordless instruction manual. Can't wait!

The trip royally screwed up Cora's nap, so when she flagrantly violated house rules at 4 p.m., I allowed it because it seemed to make her not cry.


Being a toddler is hard. Sometimes loving one is too.

All in all it was a good weekend leading into another crazy work week (so many cases at critical points all at once! It's good, it's just crazy) and then there will be annual grating of the carrots for Easter carrot cake, so it's all going to end up delicious. April, here we come!

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  1. Is she actually asleep on the table in the last picture? SUPER adorable. I have twins about a week younger than Cora and so much of what you write describes the girl twin too. :-)