Monday, February 23, 2015

Snow Day Retrofit Post

We're snowed in- the Fort got an inch or two last night, so the city is shut down until it goes away. I've used my bonus time to re-read every review of every picture of every eyeshadow ever made. It is embarrassing how much time I've looked at eyeshadow colors this weekend. The one my makeup artist used was discontinued, so it's all Nars' fault. I still haven't ordered anything, so I'm going to end up all eye-lined and lash-curled and under-colored. Any blue eyed girls out there? Make me pick something.

Snow/Ice Angels!

So, to take a break from squinting my eyes at tiny digital squares of Urban Decay and Make Up For Ever, I uploaded pictures and now we're going to relive the last week because for some reason, I didn't blog about it.

On Monday work was closed and school was not; this was a glorious day. I went to barre, watched the Food Network, went to yoga, started dinner, picked up the kids early, got them to swim practice early, and had a hot dinner waiting when they all go back. Being home when your kids are in school is a spectacular thing. Even more spectacular- dressing up and going on a early-birthday/belated-Valentine's fancy dinner date with your husband at the end of it!

I tossed my camera at our teenage sitter before we ran out the door. We need to stop posing in front of the air vent on the wall.

I bought this dress in black at TJ Maxx right after Cora was born and now it's too big but I love it so much I kept wearing it anyway, and then I found it in navy blue in my correct size just last week which never happens when you buy things at TJ Maxx, so I snatched it up immediately. I love the simplicity of the style, the thick knit jersey fabric, the way the high neck looks with jewelry, and the zipper down the back.

Dinner was fab- we went to Grace, my most favorite restaurant ever, and spent too much on food that was worth every freaking penny. Dessert was free, my multiple bosc pear martini cocktails were not; all was wonderful.

Also in the last week, Cora was adorable and loud and fast and adorable.

Landon started soccer practice, which he seemed to really enjoy, at a local park and Cora kept taking off in whatever direction she chose, completely uncaring if anyone went with her (no one did), if I was in sight (I was not), or if where she was headed was safe (a steep ditch, so no). I never saw Landon play for a single second, but I did get a lot of exercise running around in my work clothes.

matching is important

Claire also started soccer practice! Her first ever sport and she was so excited. I found her little leggings with an attached skirt on clearance at Old Navy, an "active" shirt on clearance at Target, pink shoes on clearance at Payless ($9!), and paired it all with Landon's old shin guards and socks (she now has pink socks because no one in this house likes to clash), and her new ball, AND her "soccer ball pony tails" (I can only get her to let me do her hair if I "name" the new 'do) and baby girl got AFTER IT.

She kicked the ball more in one practice than Landon has in multiple seasons. She's aggressive, fears no one, and has some innate athleticism. I probably hate after school activities more than anyone, particularly multiple kids doing multiple activities (we're not dropping swimming), but Claire is getting close to five and I didn't want her to think that sports are only a boy/brother thing. Because they're not, even if I didn't like most of them. And again, her personality is WAY more suited to contact sports than Landon's.

Cora is also suited to full contact sports and spent another hour living like a wild animal. Once again, she couldn't care less where I was while in the great outdoors, she climbed up and slid down slides 5x her size, and bit a child who got in her way. Next time I'm throwing her on the field.

She's teething and occasionally waking up at night with it, which I think she hates more than we do given how determinedly she keeps jumping out of my arms and back into her crib each time I pick her up. She really and truly does NOT want to be awake, but oh when I snuggle her on my shoulder and kiss her still fuzzy little head and she relaxes for just a minute before trying to get back into bed, she still feels so much like a baby that it makes my heart happy.

seriously always trying to climb into a crib

I love crazy, fast, busy Cora, but I'm really glad I can still see a bit of my foot-pj'd, soft-cheeked baby in there too. I can hear my baby waking from her nap, so here's a quick shot of what the big kids have apparently been doing while JP has working on swim school stuff and I've been shut in the TV room to stay away from the sugar cookies I made yesterday (I've had six, SIX, so far today and it must stop):

Making a table fort and doing all the puzzles we own. Perfect snowy day stuff, along with drinking all the tea and eating all the sugar cookies. JP took them sledding down a hill in our neighborhood earlier and I'm planning to move on to games and a peaceful making of dinner later. And then hoping the ice melts and we can all get back to school and work tomorrow!


  1. I too am slowly learning makeup as an adult and am in love with the Lorac palette that is similar to Urban Decay's Naked line.

  2. Not sure if my comment posted... Don't want to repeat myself it it did, but I would get the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. I have the original and it is my favorite (along with Stila in the Light, which I believe has been discontinued). The color range is great, good diversity of texture and color and it smells like chocolate. I also recommend:

    - Too Faced Natural Eyes (that's the one I mentioned on FB).
    - Lorac Pro (I have 1, I hear 2 is great but I don't own it)
    - Lorac Unzipped (I have the original, the Gold version just came out)
    - Urban Decay Naked 1 (I have Naked 3 also, my mom has Naked 2 - Naked 2 is more cool toned, Naked 1 is more warm toned. Naked 2 may suit you better, not sure. Naked 3 is just ok. I prefer Lorac Unzipped).

    1. Adding: I am a makeup hoarder and I own at least 20 palettes. I haven't counted because I am embarrassed to find out exactly how many I have. However, if left stranded on a desert island, I'd take the Chocolate Bar palette. Hands down.

  3. At the age of 40, I have yet to wear eye shadow. I just don't know how to apply it where I don't look like something out of a horror movie. The closest I've come is to sweep my blush brush across my eyelids and call it color.So if you want to give hints on technique . . .

  4. Bare minerals - try vanilla snow as base, Queen Tiffany as contour.,default,pd.html

  5. I love that you dress up for all your date nights. I always want to dress up but my husband is so causal and in our county, I always think I'll end up looking way over dressed. Love that dress!

  6. I love Too Faced eye shadows. They have fun colors and the palettes usually come with ideas of how to combine the colors, which I need.