Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pack Mules and Winter Hats

Going to 5:30 a.m. yoga has been awesome, but oh my GOSH has it made this week seem one million days long. And it's only Wednesday. And I've actually only gone on two mornings.

On Monday my alarm went off at 4:45 a.m., after I'd lay awake until 1 a.m. and woken up every 30 minutes starting at 2 a.m. Apparently going to early morning yoga for the first time was stressing me out. I'm not really sure why, but my subconscious was quite fixated on whether or not there would be a line for showers, would I be messing up a perfectly choreographed system already in place by hot yoga regulars, would my use of a beach towel in lieu of a fancy yoga towel ruin everything about my practice, would I sleep through my alarm and thus miss my flight yoga class. I don't know. I don't usually worry about much, so it would seem that when my brain has an opportunity to seize on a new situation in which I might not be 100% comfortable it goes f-ing CRAZY. But I dragged myself out of bed and got ready and gathered the following items: (1) my duffel bag packed with work clothes, work heels, shower stuff, makeup, and jewelry; (2) my work laptop bag with all the work I'd brought home Friday and my 15 lb. govt issued laptop; (3) my yoga mat and beach towel + towel for showering after; (4) my breakfast and packed lunch; (5) my reusable water cup; (6) my loose leaf black tea that I brewed at 5:02 and was still hot when I drank it at 7:05. I was loaded down like a pack mule and stumbled outside to blink my eyes open and drive 70 mph on the highway to class.

Class was awesome. I really do love it. Absolutely no one but me stayed after class to take a shower and get ready, so it's a good thing I was stressed about THAT. Then I had a new stress when I realized after 10 minutes that the yoga teacher was waiting on me to close up the studio, but my body temperature wouldn't regulate, so I just threw on my dress and drove off to work in flip flops. I carried my 40 lbs. of luggage down from the 6th floor of the parking garage, across the street, and up to the 19th floor of my building, flip flapping all the way, to find myself in my deserted office (it was only 7:10 a.m.) where I did my hair and makeup under the harsh glare of fluorescent lights and the skeptical imaging of the "self-view" on my video phone. Super glam. And then I wanted to eat lunch at 9:30 because I'd already been up for flipping forever. And then I did it all again on Tuesday, but without the breakfast, lunch, or pre-made tea because I was already over that shit and bought myself all those things at work instead. Morning yoga is going to get expensive.

Luckily today I had to take testimony today (yay! and to think that THAT used to be what would have been stressful about my week, but no, I slept like a baby the night before I was to grill an important person about an important thing with lots of people watching), so I slept in until 6:30 (woot!) and went to barre tonight instead. Jury's still out on whether I'm going tomorrow morning. Since it's 11:02 p.m. while I'm typing this, it seems unlikely. Maybe Friday? Definitely this weekend, when I can go when the sun is already up.

Sooo, pictures?!

I ordered a few hats to put on Cora's bald head this winter and after a fierce modeling competition (with herself), Cora and I decided we should keep both of them.

She is seriously the cutest. Then she ripped off the hat and tried to eat it. The pink fair isle is really my favorite, but it doesn't velcro under the chin and came off 15x faster, so the fuzzy fleece one is staying for practicality and for love of the double pom poms on the top.

After the hat modeling, Cora got drunk on bubble bath.

She's just 24 lbs. of PARTY.

Claire continues to accessorize as much as possible- that is a 3 ft. sword coming out of her boot. Gotta be prepared for anything. (I believe here they were pirates and Landon was drawing a treasure map, but I'm not sure, they were VERY busy this weekend and I was not really invited in their world of pirateering and glove modeling).

After much searching I finally found Landon a Halloween shirt that wasn't gross or stupid or inappropriate for a 7 year old. Moving up to the official "Boys" clothing section has been hard. Thank you Gymboree- you combined bones with super heroes with Halloween and still a bit of whimsy and innocence. And you were $6.35. You're my favorite.

Now that it's only 90 degrees at night as opposed to 105, we've been talking walks almost every evening before dinner. Claire is always accessorized to the max and accompanied by several babies/stuffed animals while Cora looks on in awe.

I cannot believe there are two days still left in this week, and that I have a client meeting and multiple calls scheduled in them. I really really love my new yoga class, but I don't think I can maintain the schedule necessary to go at 5:30, mostly because I can't go to bed early enough (on Monday night when I told JP we needed to go to bed at 9, he suggested that maybe I could do that and he could stay up till 10 like a real grown-up and I was appalled at the suggestion that we go to bed separately. So I stayed up and then he had to phyiscaly kick me out of bed Tuesday morning when my alarm went off for the third time). But it's been fun leaving work at 3:45, and I have 9 days left before my unlimited pass runs out, so I'll probably maintain my 35-hour long day and 9-day long work week schedule until then. And then it's on to the next yoga studio with an introductory special and hopefully post-6 a.m. morning class!

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  1. I love that halloween shirt. I just had a little boy so I might just pop on over to Gymboree to pick that up for future use!