Sunday, April 20, 2014

Burn Baby Burn, an Easter placeholder

1. A hot water pipe broke underneath our house and we didn't realize it until Wednesday night when I got back from my barre class and asked JP why I could hear water rushing between the walls in the kids' hall bathroom. A plumber came out at 9:40 p.m. and crawled under our pier-and-beam house through a tiny hole in the back of Cora's closet while she slumbered peacefully 12 inches away. (Sidenote: you could not pay me enough to crawl under our 70-year-old house in the middle of the night armed with only a tiny flashlight.) By 10 p.m. we knew the leak was somewhere under our kitchen but the plumber couldn't fit under that part of the house to find out exactly what was going on. While we wondered whether sending Landon down with a flashlight and a shovel would violate any child labor laws, he told us they'd "send out our skinniest guy" the next day to diagnose the problem. Licensed Skinny Plumber arrived late Thursday afternoon, dug his way through dirt to get to the leak, and found soggy soil and the fatal combo of copper and galvanized steel pipes. Bottom line, $4,000 and several days without hot water from now, our house will have shiny new pipes that no one will be able to see. Because that's SO much better than the kitchen remodel we were hoping to start this fall. Blurgh.

2. We spent Easter weekend at my parents' lake house and it was wonderful. Here is a placeholder picture for the post that will come later this week.

Cora actually had a super runny/stuffy/sneezy nose, and though wasn't fussy and never cried (my brother noted that in three visits, he's actually never heard her cry, which is probably true), she spent most of the weekend looking exactly like this:

Basically, she has no idea who any of you people are. She slept 18 hours a day, ate almost nothing, and didn't seem to mind much that she was spending Easter with a bunch of strangers.  We seemed nice enough, and she appreciated the bunny headband she got as a party favor.

3. While enjoying Easter at the lake, my bare upper legs came in contact with direct sunlight for the first time in many months and my vampire skin is now some impossible shade of neon maroon.  It is horrifying and terribly painful.  I blame the shortie shorts I bought at Express.  And my selflessness for lathering so much sunscreen on the kids that I forgot several places to put it on myself (also: neck, certain portions of face, and left foot, but not nearly as bad). It hurts very much to have anything touch my neon maroon upper thighs and I'm wondering if I can work from home tomorrow. Not wearing pants in the office is frowned on.

4. Sometimes JP wonders why we need to pay a photographer to take pictures of us with the kids.  This is why.  It's the only picture I have of me holding Cora on her first Easter.  JP took it.

6. Thanks to my sunburn and staying up too late talking to my brother last night (and getting up too early to do Easter baskets this morning), I feel exactly like Claire in this picture from our drive home this afternoon.

Except I don't do sleepy with quite so much style.  To bed- it's supposed to get cool tonight, but I'm sure the heat waves radiating off my legs will keep JP and I nice and warm.  Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Great post - Love your humor on this Monday morning!!!

  2. Check your homeowner's insurance. You might be covered for the burst pipe.