Monday, November 18, 2013


You guys, we are enjoying this little snuggle bear so much.


She had her first trip to the pediatrician on Saturday to check her weight.


As with all things Cora so far, she was calm as can be. Even when it was time to strip down for her weigh-in, an act that made the generally easygoing baby Claire shriek with displeasure, Cora pretty much just looked at us like, "Sigh, I trust you have a good reason for doing this." Her weight had dropped to 7 lbs. 3 oz., and her bilirubin levels were up a bit- nothing too concerning, but we're making an effort to feed her more (she just never complains that she's hungry!) and go back in Tuesday for another check. She's a good little eater, so I have no doubt she'll start adding some poundage to her scrawny little chicken legs soon.


We had such a great time with my parents. They went home on Saturday after a fun few days together. On Saturday morning my mom and I ran errands to buy Cora a few newborn sized sleepers (I had not previously made any newborn sized babies) and went out to lunch to celebrate how great I was feeling (I feel amazing- no pain, no pain meds, and moving around almost completely normally at 6 days out). My dad immediately found a project for him and Landon- building airplanes and an aircraft carrier from scraps of wood I didn't know we had in our garage. They made us lasagna with lots of leftovers on Friday and my very favorite meal on Saturday (flank steak, twice baked potatoes, asparagus casserole, bread, wine!) and I've been sneaking slices of cold steak out of the fridge ever since. I need protein to heal, right?

We had a family movie night after my parents left- a premiere showing of Home Alone, which the kids LOVED. Cora enjoyed it too.


The kids love her so much. We have to regulate how many times they can touch her, where they can touch her, and how many times they can hold her throughout the day. She is a completely enveloped part of the family and the kids take family very seriously.

Not touching her face. Allegedly.

Reading (a fast asleep) Cora her favorite stories

Landon is an excellent baby handler; Claire is easily distracted

Claire thought her baby would like to exercise with baby Cora

Reading (again, a fast asleep) Cora simultaneous bedtime stories

She is awake quite a bit- alert and bright-eyed and very busy stretching and looking around. Then she's fast asleep and snuggly as can be. She has rejected her little bassinet completely and prefers our arms (daytime) or her baby papasan chair (nighttime; also 2:00 this morning). Her legs and arms are so skinny and her head is so small, I can't get over her tiny-ness. Her hands are constantly in her face and she attacks her pacifier like a baby piranha. She is at her happiest snuggled in someone's arms or curled up on their chest.


JP dropped off Claire from school on his way to lessons a few minutes ago, so she's now joined Cora and my encampment on the couch, and she just said, with a sigh and an almost-gentle pat on Cora's back:

"Mommy, I just really like having our baby in our house."

I do too :).


  1. Oh so sweet! The 3rd is always so chill. You are amazing in your recovery!

  2. Just so, so adorable! She does look quite snuggly :)

  3. Love her smile in the first pic! Enjoy the tiny baby clothes!. Avery was like that, and after two near-ten-pound babies we just kept saying, "she's so little!"

  4. So very sweet. You are making my baby fever start to peak.

  5. You are making my ovaries explode with all the cuteness. The first pic might be the cutest picture of a new baby ever!

  6. She may be the most alert newborn I have ever seen. I am going to say it now, and when it proves to be true, you can look back at random blog commenter as being the first to predict it... She is going to be a smart cookie. That level of alertness, that early? She's taking it all in and making connections. Seriously. Go ahead, print this out, and when she graduates valeditorian and heads off to complete her Ivy League education, I expect a blog post that random blog commenter said it would be. :)

  7. I agree with Wendy above about predicting Cora's high likelihhod of success. Not only is she an alert baby, but also, it appears that she has two doting sibling just bursting with excitement to read to her and teach her things!