Sunday, October 6, 2013

One with the Pumpkins

In the spirit of Fall and the gorgeous 60-degree weather we woke up to this morning, the Lag Liv family packed snacks, waters, and my real camera into a backpack and drove to Dallas to experience the Arboretum in all its promised pumpkiny goodness. I've heard great things about the Arboretum since we moved here, but we normally avoid driving to Dallas at all costs (no offense Dallasites, but driving between our two fair cities is a terrible punishment to inflict on oneself if you don't have to); however "pumpkin village" had a nice ring to it and we love throwing the kids in the car and going places, so off we went!

And WHOAH, it was so worth the drive and inexplicable Sunday morning traffic.


We enjoyed every acre of the botanical gardens, but the pumpkin village was the clear first stop. Pumpkins and crazy shaped gourds were everywhere- lining walks, covering houses, creating art and sculptures. There was a hay bale maze and even a Cinderella carriage pulled by corn husk horses.

Claire wanted Landon to come in the carriage with her, and because he indulges her in all things, he did.


This isn't the best picture of me with my 2 3! kids, but I adore the way Claire is looking up at me. That girl loves with her whole being.


Swan gourd lake!


Seriously the whole thing was so cool. The kids ran and exclaimed and ran some more.


Claire took a breather on a giant cucumber-like gourd that I thought might be handy to have in the front yard as a little bench.


I made JP get in a picture. His are always a little nontraditional.


After about a forty minutes of gourd-filled-fun, the kids ran (literally) onward to the trails connecting all the rest of the gardens.


Among many other things, we discovered a water wall (here I believe baby girl 2.0 is the only one actually looking at the camera and smiling properly):


some very big fish (off-camera Claire is growling because she thought one fish looked like a tiger and she chased it all around the edge of the pond, nearly falling twice, to continue the growl-off. I believe she won):


and lots of beautiful water, plant, flower, and tree-filled scenes, and great views of White Rock Lake.


We took a break by a wigwam exhibit so the kids could eat their goldfish and then, since they still seemed to have boundless energy (we never use strollers, so Claire had walked all 20+ acres, and yet still, energy!), we suggested some races.


Landon won, Claire felt the agony of defeat (and also of being 3 and tired and very ready for lunch).


In what was probably not my best parenting move, I comforted her with the knowledge that soon she'll have a little sister she can cream in races for at least the next 10 years or so. Perked her right up.

All in all it was a pretty awesome day. My belly and I enjoyed being amongst the pumpkins and the kids had a blast (JP did too, but he loves any outing involving our children, driving, and the outdoors). We got ourselves a family membership on the way out- as long as we go once more this year it'll be worth it, and we may well go next weekend. Then my belly can match an even bigger pumpkin! It feels so at home there.

pumpkin smuggler


  1. Looks like a fun day and you're absolutely glowing!

  2. Great post, wonderful pictures! I wish I had YOUR pictures to scrapbook instead of mine! I think I would have been much crankier at this stage but you sound like you really had fun yourself. Kids are adorable, as always. Thanks for sharing.

    Lisa M. (putting it here so I can post as "anonymous.")

  3. I had to laugh at "inexplicable Sunday morning traffic" - when I first moved to the South, I thought the same thing. Now, I actively avoid all the church traffic on Sunday mornings. Gotta love the Bible Belt! :-)

  4. Wow! We went to the Arboretum years ago for the spring tulips - really pretty. I never thought about going in the fall. It looks like so much fun! I'm on the Dallas side of the metroplex and feel the same about the drive to Fort Worth. Although I love Fort Worth and have places I like to go there, the drive is such a nail biter I don't usually go - I swear they pick up the roads and move them each night.