Monday, March 11, 2013


We drove to Livingston on Friday afternoon to spend 2 days at the lake for a micro-mini Spring Break. The short weekend away was lovely and filled with classics.

First up, my dad's old 1968 VW Camper tent. The tent I remember so fondly from my childhood, the tent I genuinely believed was a circus tent, was set up in the lawn by the porch. We hadn't seen this tent in at least 15 years.


Doesn't it look fantastic? That baby is 45 years old.


The kids had a blast. It became their castle.


And because my dad doesn't do anything halfway, it soon contained large braided rug, two chairs, a turned-over bucket for a table, a futon, and many books and toys.


Saturday ended up being terrible weather- grey and extremely windy, but in the tent (which didn't even flap in winds that looked like they were going to take down a tree) it was cozy and warm. Claire showed off the only ballet move she's learned in 15 weeks of classes. (It's a passe.) She showed it off about 150 times, in a row, with accompanying arm movement, which my dad found hilarious.


On Saturday night, after we ate a belated birthday dinner of filet mignon and my beloved asparagus casserole that JP still refuses to eat because he doesn't know what delicious tastes like, Landon got to reel in a fish! The dogs were eager assistants.


Fish! A fish that Landon absolutely did not want to touch. Papa let it free.


Also on Saturday, Claire pulled her interloper snuggle bear move. First she spies Gigi quietly reading a magazine.


Claire comes over to give her opinion on celebrity fashion.


Bam, successful snuggle.


As an added bonus, she spied a papa on the couch a few minutes later. Max the dog was jealous.


A moment of classic grandpa love.


It was a good weekend away. I wrote lists for JP the whole drive home. He's starting his swim school and he's excited and I'm SO EXCITED for him, for us, and again for him. After a week filled with learning about my options in Austin, JP launched his website for his swim school in Ft. Worth. So, decision made, we're committed. Same city, new adventure. More later.


  1. I LOVE that tent! How fantastic :) So glad you guys have made a decision. Must be a relief.

  2. It's the best feeling when you get to move from the agonizing (um, I mean decision-making) phase to the execution phase. Best of luck to JP! I'm sure he'll be a smashing success--spring seems like just the right time to launch a swim school.

    Cheers to new adventurses :)

  3. So glad to hear what the decision is!! Congrats to JP and best of luck! Very exciting. :)

  4. Talk about burying the lede! Here's to a new chapter for your family!

  5. Yay! Both a brave and wise decision. I'm sure swim school will be a smash!

  6. Very cool. I'm sure this will be the right thing for all of you right now.

    Do you have a recipe for asparagus casserole you'd be willing to post?

  7. Woohoo! Best of luck on the new venture.

  8. Ahaha, I had the exact same thought as CM. Good luck JP!

  9. And I had the exact same thought as Kim T. I love asparagus, and I love casserole (or hotdish, as my people sometimes call it), so if you'd be willing to share the recipe, I'd love to try it.

  10. Yay for JP (and all of you!) I am so excited to see what it will bring for you guys! AND I am jealous of that tent...