Monday, February 11, 2013

Things I Haven't Bought That I Love

Mindy Kaling has a regular feature in her blog called Things I Bought That I Love. In that spirit, but without her budget, I present Things I Haven't Bought That I Love (and found online when I came home from work sick because I was experiencing the world through a fog of clogged sinuses and was having trouble processing simple emails and in-person conversations, plus my voice sounds like that a raspy, male, 80-year-old smoker). So, the West Wing plays on and I'm looking at things I can't actually purchase but am trying to justify because I'm turning 30 in two weeks and if that doesn't require a new pair of shoes, I don't know what does.

First up, aren't these boots great?! They will would look great with a pair of skinny jeans or paired with tights and a number of my dresses. The calves look narrow enough (I have terrible trouble finding boots that aren't too wide at the top) and I love the cognac leather. These will likely sit in my shopping cart for a few days before I click out of the window and remember them fondly in my dreams.


These are in contention for the new spring shoe I'm not buying. I have a weakness for navy blue and own two spring/summer dresses involving navy, white, and stripes. I also have white denim capris and a myriad of navy blue tops that would look fabulous with these shoes. Unfortunately, I think the rope keeps them a bit too casual.


Now these could be perfect. The wedge is wood, which is a little dressier (and also holds up better over time), and I love the brown and cream combo. I think I could wear these with much of my spring attire, including the white capris, as long as the cream is light enough, and it fills a hole in my shoe collection- the light colored dressyish wood wedge weekend/casual friday shoe hole. Sadly (or happily, depending on your perspective), it's not a spot that requires filling any time soon. They're pretty though.


In clothing, I like this sweater. It looks cozy, but cute, and would look excellent with jeans and flats and my white denim capris. I love striped sweaters.


Speaking of strips (and also navy and white), I love LOVE this dress. Stripes! Stripes going in different flattering directions! I actually would have broken rank and purchased this one, but it's out in my size, which is very sad because I do just love it, but it's saving me from future guilt when the package arrives (guilt I would have overcome when I wore my super cute striped dress).


Navy blue squiggle top! I love this so very much. With white capris (look how much use I'm not getting out of those capris!) with my navy blue wedges or the navy blue heels I actually own, or with my nice white work pants, or with my nice white work skirt, OR with those surprisingly cute yellow pants the model is wearing that I wouldn't have considered buying until this moment - all so excellent and yet not happening. It's a great top.


The Ann Taylor perfect pump, there is really no better work shoe in existence. I have a pair in matte navy leather and they are gorgeous and make me feel more powerful and smarter every time I put them on. This is a lovely patent "city taupe" that I think would come in very handy with all the brown, houndstooth, and cream pants I own.


Pink denim capris (currently being called "skimmer jeans," maybe that's what my white ones are? They're about that length. Clearly I'm not up on cropped pant terminology). These are cute and I really like them with that blue chambray shirt. But since I don't own a blue chambray shirt, it seems that it would be a bad idea to start walking down the road of pink skimmers.


And that's all I've got. I'm sure there are lots of others things I'd love on other sites, but I was restricting myself to dsw, zappos, and gap/bananarepublic, all in the name of finding running shoes (mine are 10 million years old) and new pants for Landon that aren't torn and/or 3" too short.

Bear just burst in the room with a new haircut and a perplexed JP telling me, "the stylist said she layered it? I don't know what that means- also, she still has some baby hair." That's my Claire- getting stylish with a little bit of baby left behind to snuggle.

Time for more mucinex and tea. This virus is getting old, but on the upside I'm all the way up to Season 4 of the West Wing!


  1. I love the "Things I love and didn't buy" -- that's a habit I also support. I am also a lover of all that is navy/white stripes. Great minds must think alike :) I hope that you feel better!

  2. I have been wanting those Ralph Lauren wedges for what seems like an entire year. A friend has a pair and they look great in person. (Okay, I'm not helping am I?) Happy almost birthday :)

  3. I bought a boatneck t-shirt very similar to that boatneck sweater at Old Navy for SIX BUCKS this weekend. And it wasn't on the slim-pickings clearance rack, they had lots and lots of them for $6. Might be worth a visit.

  4. sometimes the act of shopping without actually clicking on the 'check out' button helps to dissipate the want/need for new clothes and shoes. I have about $800 worth of stuff in my shopping cart on Etsy, Amazon, Athleta, and Zappos combined. I cannot buy any of it because I don't *need* any of it. But I like. And so it sits in my cart until the urges go away and I can remove them from the cart.

  5. Do you follow Susan at The Working Closet? She'll inspire you to shop your closet to re-create styles you love. I've been wondering for ages if you read her blog- this reminded me to ask, lol!

  6., I bought those Old Navy boatneck t-shirts, too! SIX BUCKS! I kept telling everyone. :) They fit well and wash well, too (so far).

    Love the brown boots!