Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall, Finally

Sometimes romance is grand gestures- the candlelight and champagne, other times it's coming home from work to a careful pile of leaves in the front yard and JP saying "I remember you said you used to jump in leaves when you were little; I saved the pile because I thought you'd want to take pictures of the kids doing the same." You guys, I almost teared up a little. There were kisses. Followed by pictures of the day Fall finally came to Fort Worth.

At first, the kids weren't clear on the protocol.


So Daddy showed them the way.


Landon got in the spirit.


Claire just wanted to show off her new purple sparkle boots.


JP thought it would be fun to bury Landon in leaves.


Landon did not agree.


Claire was Concerned.


A Landon emerged (with his face paint from the Halloween Carnival at school earlier in the day).


JP joined in.


Followed by the Bear.


My loves.


Claire and I went inside to make the pizza for dinner. Homemade pizza is a Friday night tradition that is here to stay.


The boys finished up their raking while the pizza dough rose and Claire danced about the kitchen.


Dinner was delicious, as was the candy Landon got to enjoy as a treat for being such a good helper. My headache is improved, though still present (at 4 days, we're setting a new record), and we're all excited about a friend's Halloween party tomorrow. We're less excited about Landon's 8:30 a.m. soccer game on fields that are supposed to be 32 degrees tomorrow morning (well, Claire and I are less excited; JP and Landon are prepared with layers and enthusiasm); I'm thinking Claire and I will sit this one out. Preferably snuggled in my bed with cartoons and blankies and plans for a nice cup of Earl Grey tea. Yay Fall!

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