Monday, June 4, 2012

Claire Annalise 2.0

As of this morning at 9:22 a.m., our little Clairebear is 2!


I got up early to have her favorite breakfast ready in time to actually sit at a table and eat it like civilized human beings with real plates and silverware. And also a little ceramic pig birthday candle holder. Because it's adorable and every birthday should start out with a candle.


Landon has a little birthday dinosaur waiting for him in July. JP and I bought them at a shop in Siren, Wisconsin when we visited my grandparents two years ago and then promptly forgot about them until we packed up to move. Claire loved hers.


We blew the candle out and re-lit it lots of times today.


We got to daycare to find a banner strung up in her room by her teachers and she and her baby friends got to partake in leftovers from our pool party at snack time (meats, cheeses, watermelon, and cake). I'm told Claire ate 50 pieces of watermelon and refused everything else).


I left work at 4:30 to prepare the gourmet birthday feast specially selected by the birthday girl: kraft mac & cheese, corn, and berries. And more leftover birthday cake, which she again rejected in lieu of more berries. I don't understand her lack of a sweet tooth.


We opened presents: a duplo box set from JP and me; a My Little Pony specially selected by Landon at Target; a duplo zoo set and some fabulous pink cowboy boots from my parents; and a tea set from one of the party guests. I live in constant fear of my kids having too many toys (my fears of clutter and raising spoiled entitled children are equally strong), but I have to admit, gift-giving holidays are when I feel a little bad for the kids and their lack of a second set grandparents (particularly since that set is alive and well and uninvolved by choice).


Not to imply they are lacking in any way - Claire was thrilled with her presents and immediately took her boots out for a test drive (thanks Papa and Gigi!) and built a war tower from duplos.


Actually, the Duplos were a hit for all ages.


And the kids may only have one side of the family tree to pull from, but they get a lot of love from that side! Claire was sung "Happy Birthday" over the phone several times by my grandparents, a few aunts and uncles, and my parents, and she got a little grin on her face every time. She requested the song three times before bed and ended each one with "mo! mo birtday!" She really likes having her own song. I wonder what will happen when everyone starts singing it to Landon in a month?


I love birthdays at this age. It's pure simple fun and I loved taking a moment to snuggle my newly minted 2-year-old and reflect on all the fabulousness of the past two years and wonder at all the fabulousness yet to come. And I look forward to every minute with our feisty, sweet, honey badger snuggle bunny baby bear. Here's to 2!



  1. Happy Birthday Claire!!
    I just have to say Duplo is our favorite toy to play with as a family. We got that same box of Duplo for my son for his 1st birthday in December and we got the zoo when grandma came to visit a few weeks ago. The best part is all of the pieces go back into the box when everyone is done playing.
    Happy building!!

    1. Yay Claire! So sweet. I love that last photo - such a little fiercely excited munchkin!

  2. No cuter 2 year old on the planet!!!! Makes me wish my daughter was 2 again! Instead...I'm heading to college orientation tomorrow! :((

    Patty from TX