Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Bear, Illustrated

The Bear turns two in 12 days. I hardly know what to do with that. I ADORE the crazy, feisty, fabulous little lady she's become, but oh you guys, she's my baby. My baby who taught me I like babies; the baby who taught me that babies like me. She's our snuggle bug, our little herder who insists we all stay in the same room, our giver of hugs, our kisser of boo boos, our little biscuit who follows us around demanding "up!". She is fiercely independent but still cries most mornings at drop off. She quite literally screams hello at strangers at the store, but gives you a skeptical frown if you approach her without invitation. She wants to be held, but only by us. She wants to help, but only if you don't help her. She drives us crazy but is so adorable, so lovable, she (very almost) makes us want another one.

I went through my pictures from the last two months, trying to find a few that capture our Clairebear in all her honeybadger bearness. I really need to take more video, but these give you a taste.

1. Milkaholic Bear, who decided to help herself from the recycling bin.


(Also captured: her penchant for removing her clothing, and her love of socks and her insistence on putting them on BY HERSELF. Not captured: her displeasure when she tipped her head back and found out the carton was empty.)

2. Interloper Bear inserts herself in any situation.

disinterested, but close by just in case

mildly intrigued

choo choo!!

MY book

3. Fashion Bear. We are NOT allowed to help with the dressing.


(I believe this is a pair of pj shorts, with both legs shoved through one leg hole, one shirt worn as a midriff covering tube top, and another shirt worn tarzan style over the shoulder.)

4. Zooming Bear.


Claire doesn't just go, she zooms. Pretty much everything happens at full throttle, with maximum risk for injury.

5. Skeptical Bear.


You do not often wonder what the Bear is thinking.

6. Spotter Bear. We must point out (and yell out) every plane, truck, train, dog, bird, bug, and baby we see.


Immediately following this sweet point to the heavens for an airplane, there was much squealing and jumping for many minutes.

7. No Hands Bear!


When the Bear eats pasta, it's a mandatory hands up policy until we can get her wiped down. We have "hands up" drills just to practice.

8. Bossy Bear.


Just guess who is in charge in this relationship?

9. Pretty bear.


This picture is blurry, but you get her bright blue eyes, the still chubby cheeks, the hair down in her eyes, and the wonder of being two... you get Claire.


  1. I love the illustrated versions of Bear--especially Interloper Bear. How precious!

  2. You are so blessed to have such a beautiful family! Clairbear is such a hoot! I love her style and zest for life! We should all be so lucky to view life through her eyes!

    Patty from TX

  3. I love the one sock look in the first picture, too cute.

    I think this is what I have to look forward to a year from now. We'll definitely be stealing the "hands up drill" :)

  4. This cracked me up. She is so precious!! Isn't it amazing how different two children can be (and wonderful as they both fit well in their places in the family?)