Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ski Trip Day 1

We've finished our two days of skiing and are about to head out on our 2-hour snowmobile tour with Landon. Clairebear is doing morning daycare today, and then we're doing a horse-drawn sleigh ride with her this afternoon.

It has been such a fun trip. It snowed our first day, so it was a little chilly, and JP and I didn't know the mountain so we kept ending up on these long horrible FLAT greens that he had to steal my poles to pull himself across. But still, any day spent skiing is a good day and we found some great blue and black runs later. Landon did great in ski school and couldn't wait to get back on his skis for day 2. Claire had fun at the kidscamp- her daily sheet described her as "busy, happy, smiley" which sounds like our Bear. We ended the day with sledding and frozen lasagna back at the condo.

A few pictures:

heading out to the slopes

a break in the snow!

my guy

my guy with my stolen ski poles

family picture at the end of day 1


bedtime stories in the top bunk

Day 2 was even better- gorgeous weather, great runs, and our little ski school graduate got to go down some runs with us at the end of the day! A preview of what's to come:

We seriously couldn't have been more proud. JP and I just kept grinning over his head as he navigated the slope between us. We love skiing so much, it was so fun to watch Landon enjoy it too!


  1. So glad you're on this trip. A great family vacay - Landon will probably remember this one!

  2. That looks amazing, and Landon is semi-pro!