Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Faves

I'm brief writing today- all day- again. My Opposition brief from last week was filed last night (for once I'm not remotely concerned about their Reply, there is nothing they can say to resucitate their original brief after I ripped it into teeny tiny pieces. The fact that their expert made a mathematical error that vastly overstated their claim was just icing on the cake- icing I used for the top, bottom, and middle of the brief, of course. So fun!). These two briefs are less fun-- they're both replies in support of our original briefs on the two topics, which the other side just tried to kill in their own oppositions. Replies are frustrating- you can only respond to what they wrote, and you're kind of tired of the whole topic, having just spent a million hours writing the original briefs, and I mostly just want to yell at them in all caps for purposefully mischaracterizing everything I wrote in the first place. I got the documents this morning. I read them each quickly one time so I could get over the anger at their false accusations regarding my ability to interpret case law (they do it in every brief, so I'm used to it, but it still annoys the crap out of me), and then set about outlining a way to correct nearly everything they say. The replies have to be filed on December 22nd (6 days away), so I have a lot to do. I have a very fun and busy weekend planned (date night with JP to see Robert Earl Keen play at ACL on Saturday; family in town to celebrate my sister's birthday in my house on Sunday) and I refuse to lose another weekend to this case. So I will sacrifice my Friday night and the usual frozen margarita that comes with it. Dedication- it comes in many forms. I'm comforted by knowing that as soon as these documents are filed on the 22nd, I'm not coming back to the office until 2012. Huzzah.

But on to things more fun than yelling at opposing counsel about lost profits- a random collection of pretty things I'm either coveting or loving (or both) at the moment.

(1) This Fendi bag. I love it. It's somehow ugly and gorgeous all at the same time. At $2500, I will never have it, but if I could look like Blake Lively while holding it, it might be worth the investment. (She's holding it here while filming a scene of Gossip Girl)

(2) This Burberry trench. This I am actually determined to own one day. One day many, many years from now.

(4) These Kate Spade shoes. They are the perfect shade of red and I need them. (Though without the novelty of the rainbow heel, I will not justify the purchase)

(4) Argyle tights. I wore this outfit to work the other day and received more comments and compliments on my tights than I have ever received by wearing anything, ever. They are from Target and cost $7.99. In other words, the opposite of my pretend Fendi bag and Burberry coat, which both cost a fortune and live outside my home.

(apologies, my bathroom is apparently very poorly lit)

(5) My Old Navy Rock Star jeggings. Another item I have received an undue number of "where did you get those?" comments. My $35 jeggings, purchased at 30% off with a $20 reward coupon, are made of stretchy denim magic. When you hold them up, you think they are meant for a small child (JP once tried to put them in Landon's folded laundry pile), but when you close your eyes and pull them on, they fit! and they look fabulous with high heels or, as I'm currently wearing them, with a sweater and riding boots. And they have functioning pockets and belt loops! A plus in the jegging world. Whenever these stretch out or disintegrate I'm immediately buying another pair.

From Fendi to Old Navy, so many lovely things in the world. Now back to my writing. I just keep reminding myself that in six short days this case will be over for me forever!


  1. Oh my gosh. Pockets and belt loops?!! I am so ordering a pair........Ah man! They are on backorder until Feb 2012!

  2. I love all the above things too. You look great in those tights. So cool! And I am just as determined to own that trench ... Someday very far in the future!

  3. Two posts in less than 24 hours? Love it. You kill me with those Kate Spade pumps. I want them. Good luck kicking butt on the reply!

  4. That Fendi bad is to die for. I saw it in store recently. It comes in about 5 different color combinations. I couldn't even decide which was my fave. And it is sooooo well made with an immpecable attention to details. Almost made it worth the price....almost.

  5. Replies bore the heck out of me, once I get over the indignation of plaintiff's counsel calling me an idiot.

    Also, I am determined to own a blackberry trench, too.

  6. I agree with the statement about the bag- its both ugly and cute at the same time. It depends on the angle of which you look at it. I must fall in love with a bag when I see it, I never allow myself to buy a bag while being on the fence about it.
    The leggings really is a nice touch to the basic black dress.

  7. Have to love lawyers and their phones. Brittany above said "*Black*berry" :)).

  8. haha, I didn't even catch that when I read her comment :)

  9. What color are your jeggings? I totally wish I could pull off the white, but that seems unlikely. I'm curious about whether the black ones look more like jeans or leggings - i'm hoping you have black so you can tell!

  10. Mine are the dark blue denim. I think the black would look great! I've seen them in the store- they're pretty solidly black, but you can still tell they're made of denim.

  11. HAHA! I didn't either! I can't escape them!

    I CLEARLY meant burberry.

    Maybe it was my subconscious giving me more realistic expectations ;).