Sunday, November 13, 2011

Austin Adventures

Another personal resolution was to take better advantage of this beautiful city I live in--at least in the cooler months. Most people don't think of trees and forests and rivers and breathtaking hill country views when they think of Texas, but Austin has all of that and more.

(from a separate hike, two weekends ago)

We took our family pictures yesterday at Bull Creek Park. Landon was the only one dressed in something from my original selection of outfits; I wasn't thrilled with my top and Claire did NOT appreciate being given direction on posing or facial expressions, but I'm hopeful that we got a few good shots. Bull Creek was a new park for us, but we couldn't explore much because we were in our "handsome clothes" (as Landon calls them) and Claire needed a nap, so we drove back early this morning to explore.

And explore we did!

JP and Landon jumped the creek first to climb up the steep rocks on the other side. Mommy watched from the other bank, trying not to yell "Careful!(!!!)" while Claire looked on with her concerned face.

When they came back, I wanted a turn at the fun, though Landon insisted on going first because he was now the "climbing expert."

(I totally love this picture)

After we climbed the rock faces, we decided to hike one of the park trails.

Claire worked really hard.

We came across another part of the (drastically lowered) river bed; this one had old wagon wheel tracks that a sign told me are from the 1800's when this was a popular route for commerce, before the dam was built. Pretty cool!

The hike back was a bit longer than we expected, but Landon is a trooper and JP has nice strong arms to carry the Biscuit. We drove home along 360, admiring the limestone cliffs beside us and the hill country all around and below us, and alternated our discussion between a very-possible, near-term move and how very lucky we are to live here now.


  1. When did Claire get so big? I still remember all your pregnancy and baby posts! So insane!

  2. I really want to visit Austin and San Antonio areas! It's on my top ten US destinations. I am hoping to see some real(ish) cowboys while I'm there :)

    Your day trip looks like so much fun. I feel really horrible now for living on the couch most of this weekend.

  3. Hi CP! Austin would love to see you too :). There aren't too many cowboys here, but you might have luck in SA and even more in the small towns between the two. And our day trip was more of a 2 hour excursion, so don't feel bad- I still spent much of the day lazing about the house, and I don't even have the excuse of being pregnant!

  4. Hey, "Handsome clothes." My kids always called them "Public," because I'd say, "You're not going out in public looking like that! Put this on!" So then, they'd come out with something and go, "Mom, is this for Public?"

  5. Am I the only one dying to know what your upcoming career and geographic moves are?! Austin does look like an amazing place to live from your portrayal of it on this blog :)

  6. You need an Ergo so JP can put Claire on his back for your hikes! :-)