Monday, September 12, 2011


As I've previously mentioned, I don't do the twitter. Partly because I can't imagine anyone would want to hear any more from me than they get here and on facebook, partly because any time I think "ooh, maybe I should tweet that thought!" I realize 3 seconds later that no, no that was not noteworthy at all, and mostly because there's no way I'd keep up with it. Also, I can't say anything in only 140 characters.

But lately I haven't been able to properly keep up with this blog either, so in order to avoid another 6 day gap between postings, I offer you a Monday selection of mini blog entries. Because half-formed thoughts are all I've got right now. Well that and 3 separate to-do lists for 3 separate cases that all just keep growing...

Bleet 1: By kicking the ball a whole TWO times in his first game, Landon has surpassed his mother's soccer career.

Isn't he adorable? Such focus! Such concentration! The next picture I took was of him standing alone in the middle of the field picking his nose, but we'll keep this post about the glory and success of his first tournament. It was darn cute to see.

Bleet 2: The Bear has decided her blankie is the most special thing in the whole world and it must be attached to her at all times.

She's had this blanket in her crib since she was born (she's wrapped in it in her announcement), but she woke up on Saturday and suddenly it became vital to her very existence. On the upside, it's adorable to watch her stalk around the house with it. Landon never had a chosen lovey, so Claire's attachment to this thing is a whole new experience. Plus, it's one my grandma knit by hand, so it's both special and easily reproduced. I'm talking to my grandma today about creating back-up #1 to slip into regular rotation with the original.

Bleet 3: Breaking Bad is the best part of my Sunday night. From 9-10 p.m. I'm cuddled on the couch with JP on my left and glass of red wine on the little table to my right. JP started me on that show, back at season 1, episode 1, and while I used to watch from the kitchen while I was working, it has now become a sacred tradition. There is no talking, no computer, and only intermittent checking and typing on the blackberry. It is SO good. And I love Jesse Pinkman. I just had to get that out there.

Bleet 4: Today is terrible, work-wise. It's busy and crazy and stressful and I knew the moment I woke up and blearily checked my blackberry that it would be this way. I think of work clothes as armor and high heels as my sword. They won't help me write this memo any faster, but even knowing what I'd be facing today, I did feel a little fabulous walking in to my office, hot tea in hand, wearing a black pencil skirt and 3 inch heels. And skirts ward off the impulse to curl up under my desk in the fetal position and cry! Little victories.


  1. Breaking Bad is the BOMB.

    "A guy opens his door and gets shot, and you think that of me? No! I am the one who knocks!"

    "I am the one who knocks!" should definitely enter the lexicon of badass quotes.

  2. If you can avoid the attachment to the blankie, it might be easier in the long run.

  3. I love these bleets! Easy for you to write, for us to read and with photos that really tell the whole story! Anon above is right about attachment issues in general but if Claire's expression doesn't make it right to be obsessed with a blankie, then…She's ADORABLE!

  4. I just don't get Twitter at all! I think it's pretty boring. I never use it, I like Bleets so much better than Tweets! Great idea!! At first, I thought this was a post about sheep :)

    My son's special blanket, and special "oof" (dog animal) and "two oof" (small dog animal) have been vital to his everyday life. We have to take those three things everywhere! It's a little annoying but he really only needs them for nap or bedtime.

    Claire and Landon are so cute!


  5. Claire's face is changing. She looks more like a little girl and less like a baby everyday. It's amazing to watch her transition. You have a beautiful family LL!

  6. Unrelated - but if all the Borders by you are not closed, they tend to have a ton of romances their last open day going for a quarter each - at least our Ohio stores do/did.

  7. A kid having a lovey is cute, and the Claire pic is adorable. I had a blankie myself, and I think it would be pretty cold to try and take it away. The only thing we did with Becca, whose stuffed monkey is her best friend, is tell her Jungly Monkey lives at the house, so he doesn't come in the car. We have a stuffed rabbit she used to hug in the car, but she's passed that on to Ben now, and I as much as she loves her monkey, I can see her growing out of the attachment a little.

  8. The kid is so cute...Very nice bleeting there you have.

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  9. He is so cute! I love the uniform colors!! Pumpkinhead hated soccer (said it hurt his shins) but has enjoyed chess club and karate. Ahh, kids! Hope Landon has a long and happy soccer run!