Saturday, August 20, 2011

Not Forgetting

I have two stories from the past three days that I don't want to forget, but first, thank you so much for your helpful, generous, wonderfully opinionated comments on the last post. They've been printed, stapled, and lovingly placed a hypothetical folder under tab 1 of a hypothetical 10-step career plan. I'll be talking more about it, but not yet. And if it helps, the job is truly the same in all 3 places, the pay is good (but the same), and we'd be going for 3-4 years before likely returning to Austin.

Now my stories:

(1) I arrived home from California on Wednesday afternoon at 3 p.m. The kids were home with a back-up care nanny because daycare was closed for 3 days this week to prepare for the new school year. I opened the door and heard Landon yell "Mommmeeeeeeeeeeeee!!" - then a blue blur ran through the house and launched itself at me. As I was crouched on the floor, hugging the heck out of him, I heard a squeal come from behind the tall kitchen counter. It belonged to the Biscuit and she came charging around the corner, as fast as she could go, her water bottle clutched under her chubby little arm, her body rotating right to left as she waddle-walked as fast as she possibly could. Approximately halfway to me, a good minute or two after I'd walked in the door, she looked down at her feet with a mixture of annoyance and confusion, like "COME ON. We should be there by now!" Then she looked back up at me with an enormous smile and bright eyes, tucked her chin down and hunched her shoulders forward, and got back to moving as fast as her little body could carry her. I hope I never forget that adorable, frustrated, determined look on her face.

(2) On Thursday, I was asked to take and then help defend a deposition in New York City from Aug. 30-Sept 2. That would be my 5th cross-country trip in 5 weeks. I was given the right to veto, so I punted that to JP, telling him that while I'd love the opportunity, I would also be very happy to just stay home. He has been working 60+ hour weeks and doing the vast majority of the parenting while I've been flying about, but rather than throwing a hissy fit like I totally would have done when being told of another 4-day trip somewhere far away, he just said, "sounds like an awesome opportunity; the kids and I will be fine." Then, two hours later, I received a gorgeous bouquet of flowers with a note saying "just wanted to say we love you and are so proud of you- JP, Landon, and Claire." I have myself a really amazing husband, and in the best way possible, he never lets me forget it.


  1. Please clone JP immediately! Just reading that story made me tear up a little. So great to have that kind of support.

  2. You have an awesome family, and I love how much you appreciate them! It's heartwarming b/c I know so many people take things for granted.

    As far as NYC goes, be very careful. Everytime I go there I fall deeper and deeper in love with that city. And I know your tendancy to LOVE city life.... :)

  3. This is so amazing to read how your career is taking off and how JP is supporting that. How excellent for you!! I teared up reading JP's response to the news of your most recent travel. Most. perfect. response. ever!! THAT makes it possible to be a working mom!!

    Agree that NYC is dangerously addictive. If I didn't have young children, I'd be there in a heartbeat. Secretly, I'm planning my future there after they head off to college.