Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sneak Peak

I really want to post about Claire's party, which was awesome and fun and filled with a smiley birthday girl in a pink tutu and lots of friends eating delicious rainbow cupcakes, but I am so slammed at work I woke up dreaming about to do lists. On top of that, I got struck down with my very first migraine headache yesterday. I've had some pretty terrible headaches before, but yesterday was the first time I experienced all of the following in a 30-minute period: tunnel vision, blacking out of vision, dizziness, nausea, numb feet, shaking hands, and tingling fingers. It quite honestly scared the shit out of me and I started planning who I would yell out to for help when (not if) I fell out of my chair.

Looking back, I'd been ignoring symptoms since Sunday evening- sudden dizziness, temporary black outs when standing up, building pressure in my head, etc., but I wrote them off to being worn out from the party and my usual super low blood pressure. I woke up with a bad headache, but that's not unusual either-- but by yesterday at 3 pm, as I stared at my tingling fingers, unable to see the keys on my keyboard, I knew I was experiencing something new and needed to go home, even with the 12 hours of work I still had left to do. I also knew I couldn't safely get myself there, so I slowly walked myself down to our 2nd floor wellness room- a room I had never been inside- and lay down on a couch in the dark for an hour. I felt better, so I slowly walked back upstairs, collected my laptop and portable work and headed home. My work is usually pretty flexible- weeks are busy, but individual days can be adjusted depending on my own schedule. Yesterday was not one of those days- I really had a ton to do by the end of the day, mostly because I didn't work half of Friday or all weekend because of Claire's birthday. Monday was also JP's first day of work, so I had the kids on my own and we needed to go to the grocery store because Claire's birthday extravaganza, while fabulous, ate up our whole Sunday along with all the food in our fridge.

So yesterday was difficult, is what I'm saying. After an hour spent soaking in a warm tup with the lights off and a cool compress on my head I stopped wincing every time my heart beat. I was able to pick up the kids, make dinner, and greet JP with a hug and a grocery shopping list when he got home. When they went to sleep I got back online and worked for a few hours and then went to bed early, with a lessened, but still very present headache. I woke up with one too. I'm a little afraid of today, I don't have time for yesterday's nonsense to happen again.

But this weekend, it was really wonderful. Claire had a little daycare party on Friday (a tradition in the infant classroom) that JP and I got to be present for. My mom came to town Friday afternoon, so we did a little shopping, a little party prepping (I baked all the rainbow cupcakes- this time with five layers of color), and lots of hanging out with the kids. On Saturday night, JP and I took advantage of my mom's free babysitting and attended my managing partner's annual summer picnic at his beautiful ranch in Wimberley. It was a lovely evening (surprisingly cool at under 90 degrees!) and we had a great time. Sunday was Claire's party and my dad and brother drove up from the lake house exhausted after spending 3 days building a new dock but ready to party. My sister was there. Neighbors and work friends were there. And the Biscuit - the Biscuit loved it all:

More pics coming just as soon as I catch up on all the work I should have had done two days ago...


  1. Oh man... sorry about the headache, that sucks.

    Looks like the party was a blast though, can't wait to see more!

  2. as usual, you are my hero. would not have kept my cool like that at work. those symptoms sound scary! and hope you're feeling better!

  3. I suffer from migraines too. You really need to get to a doctor and get checked out. There are some great medicines out there that can stop them before they get really bad. I resisted for years and now I am so glad I have meds for them.

    Sounds like the party was great. The the pictures!

  4. That was supposed to be "Love the pictures!"