Sunday, January 16, 2011


Things have been busy-- a fairly mundane busyness, with no single item seeming like it deserved it's own blog post, but with enough going on to keep me from writing anything more meaningful than a description of the busyness.  I try to save you from those kinds of posts whenever possible, but nearly a week has gone by and I have to write something. Landon is taking his nap, JP just got up from his nap and is sitting on the couch with Claire watching football while she chews industriously on a small stuffed duck.  I am still in pj's at 2:30 pm, a rare case of sartorial weakness that is a direct result of Claire's refusal to sleep much of last night (and the 5 prior).  But I will at least throw on jeans with my sweatshirt before we head to Costco later today. I still have standards.

But before we leave the house for our one and only outing of the day (it's raining, or we would at least also include a walk or SOMETHING), here's what's happened this week:
  • Claire has 2 teeth!  The growing of them was by far the worst thing that had ever happened to her in her life and she shared her feelings, loudly, with all of us all of throughout Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights.
  • Then Claire got some shots, a fever, and bad case of runny nose hacking cough allergitis.  These sniffling, coughing, gagging good times have been shared with us all of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.  She likes to share her feelings. Thank god she's usually happy.
  • I got 4 fillings on Thursday and my gums still hurt where I got shot up with a particularly brutal stab of Novocaine.  I hadn't had a cavity in years and years but suddenly had 2 at my last check-up.  I need to ease up on the candy.  Luckily, cookies don't cause cavities, or so I tried to explain to JP when he glared at me as I polished one off while describing my painful 2 hours spent in the dentist chair.
  • I made this soup for dinner last night.  As per the reviews, I increased the chicken broth, added diced onion, carrot, celery, and garlic, used 1/2 cup of flour and skim milk instead of cream for the roux and it was amazing.  Just like the creamy chicken and wild rice soup at Panera.  I want to make it once a week until it gets winter is over.
  • Due to budgetary limitations imposed by having a second child in daycare, we have almost completely stopped eating out.  I missed it at first, but have to admit we are saving a ton of money (and probably a ton of calories) by making nearly all our meals at home.  Thank goodness for the internet and places like,, and Tasty Kitchen (via the Pioneer Woman) - I'm finding some delicious things.  Next up for the week is Shepherd's Pie, Chicken Tacos, and one of our new favorites, Lamb Gyro Meatballs.
  • I'm working on a pro-bono police brutality case at work.  I'm glad to be involved, and the upcoming depositions are going to be interesting, as well as a learning experience, but on my gosh this case makes me so mad!  The story is so awful that money doesn't seem like nearly enough to make things right.  I see red every time I read the pleadings. I wish more creative equitable remedies were a possibility.  
  • I've decided to properly decorate my office.  I already had some picture frames on the shelves and my diplomas on the wall, but I spend a lot of time there, and after 2.5 years, it should be homier.  I bought a lamp on clearance at target (I don't like overhead lights, but lately it's been too gray outside to keep them off) and am ordering some beautiful art prints in February as my birthday present.  I can't wait to frame them and get them on my walls.   
  • Landon has started wearing his cowboy boots everywhere.  He calls them his "howdy boots."  Cracks me up.
  • JP and I have switched places on the family planning front.  I've decided 2 is perfect; he's certain we need 3.  In a different life I think I'd have 4, but in this one, these 2 that I have seem just right. 
  • This poster made me laugh:  (really, all the demotivational posters on that site are pretty funny)

Well that's my so little to say! I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend and I will strive for better content next week, hopefully including a post about my very favorite shoes, which I think I have to retire, and one about this corporette post on lawyer moms and planning for babies. As always, if there's anything you want to hear about, feel free to leave a comment on any post or the FAQ page. Sometimes I do better when I have a prompt rather than trying to pull something from my tired, mom of a teething baby brain (which this post probably proves; bullet points always mean I'm scraping the bottom of the blog posting barrel).


  1. If one was traveling to Austin, where would you recommend they eat (with kids) and visit?

  2. I love I love the flatlander chili, Rich and Creamy Tomato Basil Soup, and the Baked Potato Soup recipe from allrecipes if you are looking for some new soup recipes.

  3. I was sure you would blog re Amy Chua!

  4. LL,

    First off, even your mundane busyness posts are great - love your writing/blog! If you've started potty-training Landon, would love to read a post on how you've approached and tackled that since I'm a big fan of your pragmatic parenting style.


  5. Honestly, I have a ton of questions that I would like to ask you and your regular readers/commenters. Along the lines of the corporette post:
    At what point in your pregnancy did you tell your bosses? How did they respond?
    Would you have approached it differently if you were the only female attorney? (I am at my firm)
    Do you worry about being sidelined to the "mommy track"?
    From what I can tell, JP's current lack of full time employment is occasionally a blessing in that he has more flexibility than he otherwise would, do you think this will cause problems or at least be missed when he finds a job?
    I know that you could probably write a post on each of these questions, but I really don't have any women in my firm to observe or of whom I may ask these questions...

  6. I rarely watch Oprah; rarely watch TV in general but somehow caught a bit of Nadia Suleman (sp?) receiving a financial intervention on Oprah by Suzy Orman, the "money coach." There's a woman who needs help, emotionally, financially, honest help.

  7. Love the blogging poster - here's fair warning that I will be stealing it! :D

  8. For office decor I suggest you click around on different Groupon cities to see if you can find a Groupon for Canvas On Demand. You can use a favorite photo and get it printed on a big ole wrapped canvas; it's delightful!

  9. I have a question, how do you manage to wear killer yet smart shoes, i.e. shoes with heals. After having my daughter, I've succummed to flat shoes. I use to at least wear platform shoes before but now those just seem out of style. And whatever smart healed shoes that I have, hurt my feet like crazy. Its always balancing of smart vs comfort. argghhh...wish we could get both.


  10. Hey-

    Try Our Best Bites for some good recipes. I just discovered it and it's fabulous!

  11. Looky! Here's a Canvas On Demand Groupon for my city (but it's good anywhere, of course)! Whee!

  12. That's an awesome deal! I'm now thinking I'll do the kid's art as canvas idea for our play room downstairs. It needs something additional on the walls by the window, but any more adult art that goes with our downstairs just doesn't seem right. I love this idea!