Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's Kind of a Big Deal

It snowed yesterday. Here, in Austin, Texas, where it was 77 degrees on Sunday. In 48 hours I went from enjoying the fresh air with every window in my house open, to wearing a long down coat and drinking hot chocolate. And today? Today it was in the upper-50's and beautiful. Our weather is crazy.

And even though I'm now a hardened Northerner who outwardly scoffs at all the people lined up outside the grocery store snapping pictures of the falling flakes with their camera phones, I was secretly pretty excited about the whole thing.

I skipped out of work early and went to pick up Landon from daycare. He was practically humming with excitement about the "noe, mama- THE NOE!!!" on the ground so we quickly finished our graham crackers and headed outside.

But he was significantly less enthused when faced with the reality of the frozen water. He insisted that he did NOT want to touch it, but then informed me that "Tex really likes the noe." So I let the dogs out, but they were similarly unimpressed.

Snow started falling again so I suggested that Landon and I make a quick trip to the mailbox around the corner and then go back inside to read books. He agreed, but only after I found him some gloves and fixed his hood firmly on his head. He also insisted on bringing his lawnmower to "mow the noe" but once the wind blew a few flakes in his face he needed both his hands to block the evil water molecules and mommy had to carry the mower the rest of the way.

Most upsetting to Landon was when he asked the snow to "please stop being in my face" and it didn't listen. He looked up at me sadly and said, "but I'm sayin please". Stupid snow.

When we got back in the house Landon got his first taste of hot chocolate (a BIG hit) and we snuggled on the couch. I guess I said the phrase "warm and cozy" a few times because for the rest of the night Landon would walk over to me and crawl in my lap saying he wanted to be "warm and cozy with mommy." I really liked that game.


  1. such a sweet entry! i found a little snowman seated on the bench at the bus stop outside of McCombs that day :)

  2. How sweet! Warm and cozy! I love it! Wasn't that fun? I am glad you got to go home to enjoy it. It was a big hit here too, but Charlie also refused to touch it.

  3. haha, stupid snow is right. Landon is so cute!

  4. That is too cute!

    Personally, I'm damn tired of living inside of a snow globe. If I ever see snow again, it will be too soon.