Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Keeping the Spousal Spark Alive When You're Working Non-Stop

I am still in Fort Worth and totally over the thrill of business travel. As a girl who grew up camping, hotel rooms held a certain allure well into my early twenties. But I'm done now. I want my own room, my own bed, and my own big, snoring husband next to me. Apparently my key to restful sleep is kicking him periodically throughout the night. There is no one to kick here and I'm sleeping terribly.

And because I miss JP like crazy when we are separated for more than 8 hours, we've been emailing each other frequently throughout the day. Today's exchange made me hide a smile at multiple times during the hearing.

Me, 8:49 am: "Hey sweetie, hope the morning went well. I miss you."

Him, 9:14 am: "Hey babe! Morning went great - he slept in. About to steam clean the carpets!!! Love you"

Me, 9:17 am: "I find it very sexy that you are so excited about that."

Me, 2:42 pm: "How is the carpet cleaning going? Looks like we'll be heading home tomorrow!"

Him, 4:13 pm: "Cleaning was magnificent! I love you. Glad to hear you're coming back to us soon."

I do too, I am too, and I can't wait to see the carpets.


  1. LOL, my hubby would probably be as equally excited to steamclean the carpets. He gets excited over the Swiffer (of course, so do I). Remembering the pic you once posted of JP at a swim meet - does he steamclean the carpets without a shirt on? Just wondering... ;)

  2. You are a lucky woman!

  3. Anon: hahaha that made me laugh this morning. I have no idea as to the state of his shirt, but he generally finds clothing to be restrictive (a product of a lifetime spent running around in small swim suits I suppose), so I can guess.

  4. swoon, steam cleaning carpets!

  5. roflmao @Anon! What a good question indeed! This post reminds of of a hostess gift I'd once received...a book titled "Porn for Women," which was filled with page after page of great looking men doing housework!

  6. This is completely off-topic but how did you decide who to hire to clean your house?