Friday, September 25, 2009

Sleeping Solo

I'm on a business trip in Houston, staying at a very fancy hotel, with a very big, very comfortable king-sized bed at my exclusive disposal. I've had over-priced drinks at the bar, enjoyed a nice shower, wrapped myself in a fluffy robe, read a few pages of my current Sharon Kay Penman novel, and turned off the light with a relaxed and happy heart.

And I can't sleep.

JP snores, talks in his sleep, is 6'3 and hogs the bed. I don't sleep particularly well with him, but dammit if I don't sleep at all without him.


  1. I know what your saying. I sleep with the computer on a podcast of my morning show to make me feel a little less alone at night.

  2. Aww.. that is sweet. I sleep better without my husband in the bed but I do need him in the house to sleep well if that makes sense.

  3. That's sweet of you... I sleep so much better without the Husband there. And the dog. I'm not sure which one is worse, actually.

    Your trip sounds like fun. I like field trips, I hope I'll get to go on some nice ones and not, you know, just boofoo.

  4. this made me smile :)
    ...hope the trip goes well!

  5. I find I have a harder time *falling asleep* when my snory, smelly husband isn't there... but I also find I have an easier time *staying asleep*. :D

    Enjoy your trip!

  6. I have the same problem. Donald is a loud snorer, and has conversations aloud with the people in his head. And yet when he's not there, I find myself lying awake wishing I could fall asleep!