Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Free Flow

Random thoughts/potential blog posts floating around in my head:

- JP is going out of town for business and is supposed to leave today at noon and get home Sunday around 4. My first thought about my solo Friday night was, "ooooh, I'm going to go to bed SO early!" And then I realized I am old and kind of pathetic. And really tired.

- Landon has learned that he is funny and can make us laugh. He now consciously tries to do so and it is so adorable it makes my heart burst.

- I love my job. Seriously, love it. I work with awesome people who give me glowing feedback. In a world without report cards, I can't describe how nice it is to hear.

- I have gained 7 lbs. since I started working 11 months ago and have decided to limit my cookie/dessert intake to once a day. I'm certain my pants and my heart will appreciate this, even if I do not.

- Along the same lines, since it appears that I simply will not make time to work out, I am going to make time for healthier family dinners. We don't eat badly, but there's room to improve and I'm determined to try harder.

- I'm so glad Jeanine won So You Think You Can Dance. Her contemporary dance with Jason was this year's "Bleeding Love" for me and I announced to JP last night that if I lived in an alternate dance universe, I would marry Jason based purely on this performance. I don't think JP understood.

- Landon is such a delight. I would like to start with baby #2 at about 14 months old and just move on from there. When JP has herding him out the door for daycare this morning Landon broke past his legs to run into our room to blow me kisses and say "bye bye mama!" for the 5th time. I want five of him.

- My secretary has a jar of random, old-fashioned candies on her desk, including atomic fire balls. I'm not sure I actually like fire balls, but they take me back to Fridays in my 4th grade math class and that makes me so happy that I can't stop grabbing them as I walk past her jar. I miss elementary school. And math. And candy on Fridays.

- I've been marinating thoughts on the decorating of our master bedroom since we moved in. I have solid ideas now and they involve this vase. I just need HGTV to come over with their big budget and team of workers to carry them out for me. Until that happens, or until I can convince JP to help me paint another (much bigger) room, I will continue the marinating and wish list making.

That's all for now, back to work!


  1. I completely understand the whole "husband being gone, therefore I get to go to bed early" thought....however, I always find that I stay up LATER when Patrick is gone! I have no job, since we moved, therefore I can not comment on the loving thy job part....and my living room's accent color is the same peacock blue in the vase. I bought some FAB peacock blue curtains at Pier 1 awhile back and have centered my entire living room around them! Love it!

  2. Oh, and I completely miss 4th grade!!! Who was your math teacher? I was in Mrs. Braud's class and I think Mrs. Axel taught me math?

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. You removed my comment because the truth hurts? That's cowardly!

  5. Actually Anon 7:05/9:00, I didn't remove your comment because "the truth hurts." I removed it because it was rude and I choose not to give people like you a forum to tear others down to make themselves feel better. As I have explained in other posts, since I have to read every comment posted, the assholes like you still hit their intended target, I simply remove the negativity from everyone else. I have the same policy for any other pointlessly insulting or negative comment and see no reason why it's cowardly to extend it to cover myself. Someone recently commented on a post that they like my blog because the commenters are generally nice and respectful, as administrator I'm not going to allow anonymous attacks to change that. I don't understand what unhappiness you feel that makes you want to reach out to make another person feel badly about themselves, but I'm sorry for it.

    And beyond the general rudeness, it is also not true. After a stressful year of non-eating, I've had a happy year and am back at my ideal weight, my point was that I'd like to eat healthier so I stay where I am now. Telling someone who wears a size 4 that they are getting fat and need to watch it is a ridiculous and unhealthy attitude. Please spread it somewhere else.