Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tagging After All

After saying I wasn't going to tag people on the "7 Things" meme, I've decided to do so after all. Being tagged makes me feel special, so if the request to fill out the meme makes you feel anything other than that, please disregard it.

First, a few of the many new blogs I've found through the comments on my Nightmare posts:

1. Nini at Dear Diary, to distract her while researching renter's rights
2. Denora, because she already took the initiative
3. Someone Being Me, because it turns out we share a baptismal link
4. el-e-e, to help her out during NaBloPoMo

And a few people I've read for a long time:

5. Magic Cookie, because she's having blogger's block and maybe this will help
6. Citations, because I always enjoy what she writes
7. Transmogriflaw, because she was the first blog I ever read and her archives helped me survive two quarters of crim law

So, enjoy! I found it surprisingly difficult to think of 7 random things about myself- although, I just thought of a #8, which I'll put down as a bonus since I didn't follow the meme properly the first time around.

8. I always pronounce "photographer" "photo-grapher" in my head (and occasionally out loud). It's a complete mental block and no amount of knowing the correct way to say the word fixes the problem. Because I was a fast reader as a kid, I read far beyond my actual grade level. This meant I was introduced to words in books long before I was introduced to them in speech- there are many, many words I said wrong in my head for years before learning the proper pronunciation. Photographer just seems to be the only one I can't mentally correct.


  1. I was an early reader too- and I still get tongue-tied sometimes when I'm trying to pronounce a word I've only seen in print. As a kid though, I always messed up abracadabra and cathedral. The only reason I can properly pronounce abracadabra now is the Steve Miller Band song(thank you Steve for breaking it down into little bits :p)

  2. You're funny. I will do the meme -- I'm actually so far sunk into my work right now I can't think of anything to write on my blog, so a little meme-y help is excellent for today!

    Thanks for picking lil' ol' ME out of all the folks rooting for you! I'm honored.

  3. Your #8 just described my husband. Guess how he pronounced "facade" when I first met him 53 years ago? (Attn. proof readers: I can't get the cedilla on my computer.)

  4. Thanks for the tag. I tried to do you justice but it is hard to think of 7 things. I have to remind myself of the correct way to pronounce debris every time I read it. Thats the thing with reading a lot as a child I often misprounced words or misinterpreted things because I thought I knew the meaning of a word. Now as an adult I still catch myself saying things incorrectly. I hope you are doing ok. Let us know when you get some news. And I would like to see more Landon pictures too. He is such a doll!

  5. Hehe.. yet another way to waste time! Thank you! :)

    "Photographer" is an easy one to do that with because of the way "photo" is pronounced. I do it on occasion, along with a lot of other words.

  6. So with you on the pronunciation thing!! I said screwdriver - SCREWED RIVER for a long time and told my parents my teacher said MUNKINGBIRD instead of mockingbird...my parents COULD NOT convince me otherwise! :)

  7. I once asked my grandma, "what's Bo-tanny?" (Botany)

    And just a month ago my boyfriend told me "the legislature was wally opposed..." (wholly). I nearly died laughing in our grocery store parking lot over that one. :)

  8. Thank you for the tag! I am going to try to do it. :)