Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Other Side of the Baby Coin

Thanks for the nice, helpful comments on my previous point. Sunday was definitely a low point- I was just so tired. Things have improved. I don't think it's so much that Landon's gas pains are better, we're just better at comforting him. I've also managed to get some sleep; the world is much brighter when you're (almost) well-rested. Now that I can think clearly, I think he just has colic. The crying is definitely confined mostly to the evenings and when I read a list of colic symptoms, they describe him perfectly. So unless things get worse or change, we'll keep comforting him and wait it out.

The sleep has brought a renewed attitude of appreciation for all the fantastic things about having a newborn in the apartment. For one, he's adorable. He's so cute, it's hard to stop myself from squeezing him too tight. He's started babbling- just little coos and noises so far, but it's the first time he's made noises that aren't just angry/unhappy sounds. Before, happiness meant silence- it's nice to feel like he can respond when he's feeling content. He has a big time batting at his toys in the play gym- he definitely has greater control over his bodily movements, you can see him try to reach for certain toys. Sleeping on his stomach is by far the most comfortable position for him, and I love when he's stretched across my chest or lap taking a nap. His arms stretch out around me and he makes little sleepy sighs of contentment. And even though I hate when he's screaming, it does feel good to know that I can calm him. When I pick him up and hold him close and bounce or rock him and his crying quiets until he's just calmly looking around the room- that's when I really feel like a mother. And it's wonderful.

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  1. A friend sent me gripe water, which I (mercifully) didn't have to open -- I'd be happy to send it on, if you'd like!