Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Still Drowning

I have 3 finals in the next 2 days. Today is my last full day to study and I can't figure out how to divide my time - do I simply abandon all hope in secured transactions and focus on crim pro and corporations? Do I divide the day equally and just see what happens? Do I focus exclusively on crim pro, the one class I fully understand, for hope of a great grade to counterbalance my future not-so-great ones? Is it better to have 3 mediocre grades or 1 fantastic and 2 bad? Obviously I'm wasting time figuring out how to divide my time...

Next quarter, I vow that I will be better prepared. I will not wait until SIX DAYS before my 4 finals begin to START studying. I will not allow myself to feel like a stressed and overwhelmed 1L again. (I'm pretty sure I said this at the end of spring quarter last year...)

I had a bit of excitement yesterday when, at lunch, I get a frantic phone message from JP. He was "supposed" to fly to DC this morning for his investment banking firm's annual meeting and holiday party. He had a huge project he was supposed to bring with him that he was planning to work on all day yesterday. The phone message said, "Oh my god. My flight leaves today at 3pm. I haven't packed, the project isn't done, I don't know what to do. Call me." This was at 12:15, he works 40 min. from home and the airport is 30 min. from home. I had to leave the library (and my parking spot!), drive 25 min home, pack him, throw his suitcase at him, and then drive 25 min. back and find a parking spot at 1:30pm. I was NOT happy. How in the hell does someone forget what day they are flying somewhere. And his entire office was on the same flight- how was he the only one unaware of its departure date? Because these questions are unanswerable I just fumed on the car ride over, tried to give him a loving good bye (if the plane goes down I don't want my last words to be "Are you an idiot?!!") and then fumed on the way back. I think it was good for me- my frustration about finals got focused on a person who knew he had to accept my yelling because he screwed up. JP is now safely and happily being wined and dined in DC, and I am safely and (not quite so) happily esconced in the library.

Back to creating my study schedule!

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