Friday, February 2, 2018

Friday Night and Nothing to Read

I just finished book 3 of my re-read of the Red Rising trilogy and I don't even know what I'm living for anymore. What am I supposed to do with my stolen pockets of time? How will I end my day if not with bloodshot squinting eyes at a blacked out iPhone screen under the covers while James sleeps soundly beside me? The latest In Death book came out last Tuesday but I'm like #17th on our digital library list to check it out. The newest (and HIGHLY ANTICIPATED, by me; I've even pre-ordered it, damn the cost, because I have no tolerance for check-out hold lists when it comes to Kresley Cole) Arcana Chronicles book comes out on February 13th and that is a LIFETIME away. And so, at 10:50 p.m., when I should absolutely go to bed, I thought- I should write a blog post! That's how I'll ensure I'm properly screwing with my sleep and my eyesight. And so here we are.

The kids were off school today (well, all except Cora, our most studious of students), so I took most of the day off.

They needed some minimum supervision and I needed to run one million errands to prepare for a 2nd round of our wine party from two Octobers ago. I started the day with a really fantastic yoga class (after another high-energy barre class at TCU last night!) and some green tea. Then I took a sharp turn after pulling into a Taco Bell parking lot around 2 p.m. for lunch. My errands had gotten away from me and I was starving and every 8 years or so I need a crunchwrap supreme. Also, I will do almost anything for queso fries. Even just the promise of queso friends.

Sadly, these did not live up to their name, but the crunchwrap supreme remains worthy of its exclusive spot on fast food cravings list. I look forward to my next one in 2025 or so. Properly fueled on my crunchwrap and the three fries I ate before admitting to myself they weren't worth it, I continued on my journey to every store in Fort Worth. It shouldn't have so many, but no one store seemed to have every single thing I wanted, or maybe they did, but not in the color I wanted it, so off I went. Party prep is my favorite.

For some reason the start of the year always has me perusing the house for clean-outs and updates. Our master bedroom and playroom will be my projects of this year. Nothing major - and no renovations, but some definite updating. I want to turn the playroom from a toy room to a homework/craft room. Built-in desk and shelves + giant oval conference table in the middle that can be covered in glue and glitter and whatever else the kids' creative impulses require. Our master desperately needs some finishing. And new floors. 2012-me would be horrified to know that 2018-me is still walking on the gross old (possibly late-80's-old) carpet floors that came with the master suite when we bought it. 2018-me is also horrified. It was just so much more fun to redo kitchens and bathrooms. But new floors ahoy! And some decorating touches. Not like right now, but sometime soon. Hopefully spring.

Soon, my pretty, I have plans for you

But in the meantime I put a few final points on the living room. The area we spend the most time. I love this space. It's come so far. It had dark brown walls when we bought it and a giant wall between the kitchen and main room. Now it's so light and sparkly and ours.

A little revisit to my 33rd birthday gift to myself. It was a good one. I just updated most of the pictures; they're all my favorite.

I bought this bookcase to house the photo books I've labored over for each kids each year. They never had a good place to live and they're already getting looked at so much more now. Plus it's cute and also holds our most used games and some other random things I'm still working out.

This required me to move the little hutch we bought from the previous owners and I feel like it really likes its new home.

Our new secondary TV also required some adjusting around the fireplace.

And then I needed a floor lamp. I mean, that has nothing to do with the TV, but it was on sale at Target for $50 and who am I to argue with what Target wants me to buy?

Also this table. Target wanted me to have this table on the far right. I put it together myself and I'm very proud.

Then I had to have James move a lot of things around on the walls. He LOVES when I have him move things he's previously already hung on walls.

Then I had him hang some new things on the girl's walls. It just makes him the happiest.

But I wanted to commemorate our Disney trip for Cora, since it was her favorite six days of her existence, and I found this cute little wood piece at Ross for $6. Cora noticed *immediately* that all the princess's signatures match the ones in her autograph book and ones ago, cheers to Disney, you're a master of your domain. I got this collage frame at At Home for $10 and figured I can switch it out with pictures of the girls over the years, but for now- it's all Disney. Cora would like to go back tomorrow.

I love this room too. It's so them.

In other random happenings discovered in my photo folder- my men, on Tuesday night. Landon gets to stay up 45 minutes later than the girls. Generally, this happens in his own room because James and I have no capacity left for parenting after 8 p.m. when the girls go to sleep. This works for Landon because he usually has something he's desperate to read by then, but on 2 nights a week he gets to stay up with us, and one of those nights is nearly always spent with James and his Supernintendo.

I love when I'm sitting behind them and both their heads cock the same way. The other night is generally mine and we play a game, research something on the internet, or watch little pieces of a movie the girls can't watch yet (Jurassic Park being the overwhelming favorite so far). Continuing on the theme of Landon, one of his buddies came over today to build Legos for 3 hours and they spoke in (terrible) British accents the whole time. I wasn't here when it began, so I have no idea why they (1) thought they could talk in British accents, or (2) felt they needed to, but I admired their commitment.

Claire spent the whole day with her buddy down the street. They created a gymnastics video, ate ice cream, and went to the rodeo. I offered Landon's friend a snack at one point. One of us is totally nailing this playdate thing. Cora was at school, counting to 100, writing all her numbers, coloring continents, and generally taking command of the playground.

It's now a few minutes until midnight, so I feel comfortable heading to bed even without my new favorite trilogy to keep me company. I did find this picture on my phone and it puzzled me for a moment until I remembered a blog commentor had asked what products I use on my hair when I leave it curly. I use the mousse below when I'm letting it air dry and the gel when I just want to scrunch it for a few seconds and then ball it on top of my head. When I leave my hair straight I don't put anything in it, but when I wear it up it a whole palm of product. Luckily, the two products I've found work the best cost $3 each. Every time I stray, it's for something that works the same or worse and costs more, so back to Herbal Essences I go. And now I have these nice pictures of them in my phone.

Now I just wish I knew what I was going to wear at my own party tomorrow night. You'd think one of those million stores I visited today would have provided that for me.


  1. Thanks to your note about this I discovered and binge read (and then re-read) all of the arcana books this past week. This is not even a genre I thought I like but now I'm completely addicted and already depressed that the next book is supposed to be the last in the series.

    1. YES! Fist bumps to the sky for the Arcana Chronicles! I've found preferred genre can matter less sometimes than the author doing the writing and Kresley Cole is a great story teller. And never fear! Per her email announcing the new book's release, there will still be one more after this!

      Q. How many Arcana books will there be after THE DARK CALLING?
      A. My plans are for a total of 6 full-length installments, so one more after TDC. I'll post updates on the next title this spring.

  2. Oh, thank goodness! I just read the last one and thought it said the final installment was coming next.
    Side note: like you I have a very cognitively intense job (also a lawyer by training.) I suffered from severe insomnia for years until discovering that the only way to turn my brain off and getting actual deep sleep was by getting absorbed in fictional worlds at night. So please, keep the recommendations coming!

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  4. The Princess/Disney wall in your girls's room is perfect! Love how you find these bargains!

  5. Have you read either the Throne of Glass or A Court of Thorn and Roses series by Sarah Maas? If not- GET ON THAT NOW. The first book in each series is good- but each one gets better and better. I simply cannot recommend them enough.

    If you want to read something a little different then your normal fare, try Beartown by Fredrik Backman. It was phenomenal- I finished it last spring and I still can't get it off my mind.

    If you want to read something for free, From Lukov with Love by Mariana Zapata is free on Kindle right now. Sweet, quick stand-alone romance that I devoured today.

    Here is my list of favorite books from 2017- maybe something else there will grab your interest:

  6. Can't wait to hear about the wine party!

  7. My phone kept eating my comments!

    I checked Red Rising out of the library at the HS that I work at and begged the librarian to order the rest of the series. I'm hoping they're here by our midwinter break in 2 weeks (school shipping...)

    To get you through your book drought, did you ever end up reading the Sarah Maas books? The Court of Thorns and Roses series is my favorite, though I just did a reread of the Throne of Glass and I liked that one way more the second time around.