Monday, February 8, 2016

My Horse, Night Night

We have maybe FINALLY stopped being sick. We've been like dominos around here for 2 weeks. Landon had a stomach bug, then Claire's allergies kicked up and she had a bad cough, then Cora had a cough that turned into a nose runny feverish mess, then my sinuses decided to be filled with IMPOSSIBLE amounts of disgustingness, and then, just as we thought we were wrapping up, James was taken last night. Fever, night sweats, nose nastiness... he fell harder than the rest of us combined.

Landon missed a day of school, Claire missed a day of school, Cora missed three days of school, and I missed a whole bunch of work. But today is a new day, and someday, I will not go through boxes of kleenex at a pace not even Costco can refill.

It's frustrating to be home and feel like you should be getting lots of things done, but you can't because feel crappy and your tiny laptop is too heavy to lift. On the upside, I did get to spend some quality one-on-one time with Cora, our sick kiddo with the highest fever but the fewest actual symptoms. This is Cora on a 102.5 fever. Taken from my bed because though I was feverless, I felt like hell and couldn't get up.

I had suggested we wear jammies all day, but she was horrified and dressed herself more appropriately. Not leaving the house is no excuse for a lack of style.

She's a delight and I loved getting some time to just watch her be Cora. Not Landon and Claire's besotted little sister, but just Cora, alone in her house, doing her Cora things. Much of which involves purses, accessories, babies, and preparing meals in her pretend kitchen and then not serving them to me.

In other breaking Cora news, after two years of shunning stuffed animals, she has recently adopted a unicorn, lovingly named "My Horse."

My Horse MUST be in her bed at night and nap.

He must be corralled. (I asked if he was in timeout and she looked at me offended, and replied "My Horse night night [duh]," so I think she thinks he can only fall asleep this way.)

But first he's carefully and lovingly covered.

Two is so fun. She is so fun. It's late, but I had to let you know that we're all alive, that I'm coming out from a fog of crappiness and cold medicine, and we have a lot of important things to talk about. Like Cora stealing one of James's swim caps and wearing it about the house proclaiming, "daddy's hat! daddy's hat!" and laughing so hard she couldn't keep saying it.

Actually, I'm not sure how we'll top that, but we'll try.


  1. Hi! I found your blog years ago through the Saxe Family blog, and I have never commented. But we are basically separated at birth :) Like you, I am an over-achiever - after graduating valedictorian from Penn State in 2.5 years, I went on to begin a demanding career, start a family and pursue the "American Dream." I kind of freaked myself out - I was working more than most of my friends and had the type of job where I was chained to my lap top. I logged in in the mornings, at night and on weekends. I envied the people who had "lives" and could actually take days off without doing hours of work or paying the price afterward. I excelled and moved up quickly - but I needed more of a work/life balance. Not to say I was miserable. I just was missing out on so much.

    In September, I got the opportunity to move from NJ to Lafayette, Louisiana, working for the same company but in a totally different work climate. And I freaking love it. Yes, it's very hard to adjust to actually having a job that doesn't require hours of homework each day, and I still feel guilty sometimes that I actually can enjoy "life" while making good money. It's stupid, right? I have ALSO developed an obsession with barre, and can't wait to get to my classes each week. Like James, my husband is a small-business owner and HATES corporate America, something I could never do and it's caused our fair share of issues. You know, the unknown when it comes to budgeting, crazy hours in busy season and everything else that these "crazy men" love. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and how much your story resonates. We visit Texas some time, so maybe we can meet for a margarita - another one of my joys in life. Work hard and play hard, right :)

    1. I love this comment! And OF COURSE we can meet for a margarita! It's possible I have a spreadsheet of all the best ones. And a toast of the margarita to you on your new life having a life! It's exciting and thrilling and a little scary to be able to embrace (and discover!) all the things you were missing out before :). Thanks for reading and all the best to you!