Thursday, July 2, 2015

Stitch Fix: Fix the Third (plus a dress and new shoes)

Time for Stitch Fix Box #3! It came during the week of insanity (now multiple weeks ago) so I didn't get a chance to review it publicly. Luckily (or unluckily) the pieces were very clearly yes's or no's (mostly no's). As in the past, there was one item I absolutely loved and am so happy to have in my closet. But unlike my last one, I was at least pleased with each piece before trying them one. I could see where they fit in my style profile and felt that maybe someone (or a friendly computer) was reading my style profile and trying to match it.

And of course it remains super fun to get the box delivered and tear it open to try everything on. Unfortunately I tossed the packaging with the descriptions of each item and I can't seem to go back and see prior orders in my Stitch Fix profile, so I can't give you official descriptions. Here are my own.


Liked the colors, and normally LOVE a shift dress (maxi dress and fit 'n flare dresses are abominations on my straight, hipless body type), but this one was just a little too loose and the material a little too thin. It either needed to hug my body more or it needed to be a stiffer material to maintain a straight shape.

It made for a beautiful nightgown though. If I wore nightgowns.

Verdict: SENT BACK.


This dress was great in theory but epicly bad in execution. Too tight (after berating my stylist last time around when everything too big, of course I have two things in this round that were too small, just to confuse everyone), too short, too bunchy in the ruching, and too heavy in the fabric. This is what I would wear in an alternate universe if I were 15 years older, single, and a cougar heading out for a night on the prowl.

So, not a keeper.

Verdict: SENT BACK.


Cute colors and pattern, horrid fit. Way too tight across the chest and way too loose on the bottom. It's too bad because I really wanted to add those colors to my closet, but the top smashed my boobs and left me unable to take deep breaths and I think the next size up would have been too loose on the bottom. I don't like high/low styles with that huge of a difference between the fitted and loose portions.

No again.

Verdict: SENT BACK.


Love this tank. Love the pattern, fit, style, and unique colors.

Verdict: KEPT. Worn immediately out to dinner.

I've worn this tank three times since that day I got it, which is a re-wearing record for me, including to work on casual Friday with skinny jeans, a long pink and gold necklace, and brown wedges. I really love it for being a little different and incorporating navy, my favorite color.


Also included was a truly hideous and cheap necklace of a long gold chain with cheap plastic gold beads and five navy blue arrows. It weighed about 5 ounces and didn't even get its picture taken. Sorry ugly necklace.

CONCLUSION: Fix Four Scheduled

So Stitch Fix remains an elusive minx for me. I keep getting one thing I genuinely love (the dark purple dolman top from round 1; the orange/teal necklace from round 2; the blue modern top from round 3), so it keeps on feeling worthwhile. And it's so fun to get a box on your doorstep with five new potentially fabulous items to try on. Because why not? With another change of seasons coming up, maybe I'll get a box with multiple things I love. Or maybe I'll get a box with nothing I love and finally decide it's not worth the $20. But for as long as I get surprises and my closet gets a new addition that didn't require me to leave my house or going to a store, I say, fix me again!


I waited so long to publish this I have another picture of me in my new favorite shirt. This was post several glasses of summer beer at a friend's house, so I'm even smiling which I normally don't do because I don't like my smile when I force it and selfies shouldn't stress you out.

I even found a necklace in the back of my necklace drawer with peach stones that match it perfectly! It was fate.

Today I spent the afternoon with Claire and when asked what she wanted to do she said "go to a dressing room in a grown-up store." Okay, then! I've been slowly replacing my wardrobe after I dropped another size post-Cora and Ann Taylor was having a 50% all sale items plus all full price dresses were $59.50, and they have huge dressing rooms, so off to AT we went. I tried on all the dresses and unfortunately they didn't have my size in one (Claire: "it's okay if it's a little big mom, because you're still growing"), so I ordered it online. We'll see. Isn't it beautiful though?

Then I bought this dress, which is very classic and fits absolutely perfectly.

I wanted to see how the length looked in heels, so I grabbed a pair to try on with it and ended up buying those too. They were gorgeous and only $29 in the store!

New outfits are the best and I've been very restrained on my shoe shopping since leaving the firm, so for $29 for such gorgeousness with a practical heel height and the only remaining box in my giant foot size?! It had to be done. Plus Claire loved them as much as I did and shared joy over a pair of shoes was part of our girls' day bonding. Can't wait to wear them! They'll be great with skinny jeans and a black top too. Yay shoes!

~ ~ ~
*Referral links throughout the Stitch Fix part. If you try Stitch Fix and use this link, I get a referral credit and it won't cost you a thing! Maybe you will get more than one thing you love (like my friend Katie who seems to have an entire closet of amazing Stitch Fix items), though I must admit, I keep signing up for another month because the one thing is always worth it.

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