Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Older and Wiser

I turned 31 yesterday.

The kids were probably more excited about it than me- Landon wanted to know what we'd be doing while he took the day off from school to celebrate and Claire kept asking when my Hello Kitty party was going to start. When I tried to explain that not only would everyone be going to school, but I would also be going to work (and there was no Hello Kitty party, where did that come frome?), both he and Claire were appalled. The adult world is a cruel place.

But it was still an excellent day, particularly when lunch with friends involved a birthday burger, Blue Moon draft, and Gorgonzola fries (omg SO GOOD). I divorced french fries some time ago due to my "must fit into my work pants by my 12 week return" diet and our illicit cheese smothered birthday booty call was one of my best presents of the day. When I found myself getting full partway through my platter, I abandoned the burger in order to find room for every single tiny fried bit of potato. I might have licked the plate, I'm not sure, mostly because I was also drinking.

Later, I got home to find a wrapped present from JP and the kids, a birthday balloon, and a cake platter of the most glorious cookies ever made. Oh yes, Great American Cookie Company Double Doozies.

I broke up with cookies even before I divorced fries so that reunion was so passionate I couldn't even wait to take a picture. I'd already eaten half a doozie while still holding Cora and wearing my purse. Then I ate the other half 5 seconds later. Then I took that picture. JP came home with Landon a few minutes later and was like, "wait, didn't I buy 8?" Um, there's no proof of that.

Not interested in cookies; really wants to chew on that nice low cal mylar balloon though

In addition to cookies, there were presents! Real presents that he picked out with all 3 kids (because he is crazy and takes the whole crew with him everywhere he goes on the weekend) that were a surprise to me! We rarely do that anymore and it was quite a package- mani/pedi gift certificate, massage gift certificate, and my first ever overpriced lululemon workout gear so I can fit in at barre class. Claire picked out the color for the top. It was all very sweet.

And so, another year begins! Hopefully a good one, filled with good books and baby laughs, date nights out and family nights in, continued barre class attendance and better sleeping. Older and wiser, and maybe next year, that Hello Kitty party.


  1. Happy birthday! I hope you don't get too addicted to the Lululemon clothes. As ridiculous as the company is, their clothing fits well and holds up over time.

    1. I can definitely agree there. Just don't put it in the dryer hang everything to dry or lay flat on something. Lululemon IS ridiculous but it's great, great. Make sure you bend over in the change room to make sure nothing is see-through :)

  2. Happy Birthday - sounds like it was a perfect day!

  3. What a great day! Happy belated!

  4. And you look more gorgeous than ever (and very happy with your burger and fries)! Happy birthday wishes, LL! xox, MJS

  5. Happy birthday! My Abby turns 5 today. I cannot believe it. Those cookies look amazing!

  6. Happy birthday! May you have a wonderful year.

  7. Once you go Lulu, you never go back ;). Though I try to share the love with Athleta. I just started a Bar class since I'm an injured runner and missed pain. Wow, great classes and cute clothes are important to my survival.