Sunday, February 23, 2014

Moving On

Sushi date night was a smashing success. We ate 7 rolls, an platter of chicken lettuce wraps, and some fabulous pepper crusted tuna tataki. I stole a few sips of JP's hot sake, but mostly enjoyed my samarai martini that involved sake, cucumber infused vodka, and a few splashes of other things shaken into a martini glass. I didn't share and then I ordered a second. I'm not a big martini person normally, but I'm a sucker for cucumber being involved in alcoholic beverages. And in heels, a favorite dress I bought at BCBG a million years ago, and earrings my sister gave me from Costa Rica, sitting at the bar with my handsome cowboy-booted husband, happy martinis just felt right. As did all the raw fish.

(A shot of the earrings for my sis)

And then on Sunday morning, this lovely lady joined me in bed when my husband abandoned me for a freezing cold pool at 6:30 a.m. She did lots of smiling while I alternated between reading a book on my iPhone (I got addicted to Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress series, thank you to whoever recommended it!) and smiling back.

The rest of the weekend was barre classes, grocery shopping, Costco-ing, reading, and cooking. I bought enough partially made things at Costco to make this week's dinners much more bearable. And since I'm determined to do less vegetable chopping mid-week, I went all out with my favorite greek salad, grilled chicken, and grilled naan bread tonight. It was delicious and other than the date night, I think the highlight of my weekend was sitting out on the back deck while JP grilled the chicken, holding Claire in my lap, and watching the boys practice Landon's basketball moves in the driveway. Cora was asleep, so she couldn't complete the ensemble, but it was lovely having my big little girl in my lap for a while. The moment reminded me of this scene I snapped last Thursday night of JP reading to the kids before bed. Even though it's an everyday kind of thing, I smile every time I see this picture.

When events and conversations aren't busy devastating me on a personal and business front, I do love the day to day. So here's to more enjoying of that in the week ahead.


  1. I'm so glad you're enjoying the Night Huntress series! I sometimes hesitate to recommend books because you never know what other people will find offense. I figured if you enjoy J.D. Robb's In Death series then you would probably enjoy this one.

  2. I do almost all prep the night before because I HATE making dinner with chaos in the back ground-- all the vegetable chopping, any cooking that can happen ahead-- like baking or grilling chicken that can be heated up the next day, assembling of casseroles or enchiladas, etc. I am also a HUGE fan of my crock pot and of the Whole Foods deli!

  3. I know you've seen this before but just thought I'd jump on the advice train again...
    In fact, I just made the beef and bean burritos tonight! We know how to cook; it's the ideas that we desperately need!

  4. I love how studious Cora looks in the last photo. Too cute.