Thursday, January 9, 2014

Yogi Cora and Other Happenings on Leave

I have worked out every day since the day after my 6-week all clear checkup. Every day. Though I went years without exercising much at all, now if I go more than 12 hours without a class or workout DVD, I feel itchy and unproductive. It's all or nothing over here. Luckily, for the next 4 weeks, I have time to do all the working out I can stand (literally). Landon's in school, Claire's in school, Cora takes naps in 3 hour stretches, and JP is home in the mornings. I started it all for the aesthetics- fitting into my normal clothes and feeling like I'm inhabiting my own body again, but now, I'm actually enjoying it! A lot even! Not that I make any promises on it continuing once I go back to work in mid-February.

My favorite workout remains Barre class. I LOVE them. They are so hard and intense, but they somehow don't feel overwhelming at the start. I go to one almost every day. And on Monday morning at 8:30, in a class of four people + the instructor, who is beside me at the barre? None other than my personal political hero Texas State Senator Wendy Davis! I kept staring at her, which wasn't obvious at all given the tiny class size, trying to decide if it was really her or not and finally the instructor said something like, "Nice arms Wendy." and I knew. And then I turned my focus back on myself because my standing leg was shaking so hard I thought I might fall over. I talked to her after class, bonding over the shakiness of our legs (though as far as I could see, and given my fangirling, I would have, she didn't shake at all- she is very tiny and VERY strong) and our mutual love for one of my SEC coworkers who Wendy used to work with at a large law firm in Dallas many moons ago. And then as we were walking quickly across the parking lot (it was 20 degrees out) I blurted out "I think you're amazing and we're rooting for you for Governor!". I might have admitted to staring at her for half of class, I don't know, it's a blur. I'll handle it better next time.

On Wednesday I did barre again at 8 in the morning. I talked myself into it solely because it was supposed to be the slightly easier instructor, but then I got there and it was the super hard instructor and I was all alone which meant I couldn't cheat at all and oh man, for that much pain, my jeans better freaking fit soon. To complement that "I want to die" feelings in my legs, Cora and I attended "Mommy and Baby" Yoga that afternoon.

Cora thought it was very nice. Mostly because she got multiple baby massages and spend a lot of time on her tummy.


I had fun too. There was another mom there with a 6 month old little boy who was adorable and VERY interested Cora. Cora wasn't nearly as impressed with him. I learned some baby massage and reflexology techniques to use on Cora, though sadly, Cora didn't learn any massage techniques to use on me. I also just generally got to take advantage of not having to be at work at 1:00 on a Wednesday afternoon, which is part of what maternity leave is all about. There's a whole portion of Fort Worth out doing things during work hours and for a brief period of time, I get to join them!

This morning was yoga and then it's barre again tonight after the kids go to bed. Speaking of the kids, they're all doing great, though Claire looked confused when I took her to her Montessori school Monday morning. Despite the fact that we'd been getting ready for school all morning, and she was holding her lunchbox, nap time blankie, and baby, and we were standing in front of the school itself, she turned to me and said, "But I thought I wasn't going to school any more mommy!"

School Goer

Yes, it did seem that way for a while, but sorry kid, school is definitely still a part of our lives. Landon continues to read like crazy and adore Kindergarten (which by all accounts, seems to love him right back). He starts basketball tomorrow which should be interesting... maybe he's gained a bit of competitiveness since our last soccer experience (though likely not :). Cora is growing chubbier and smiles sneaky fast little smiles any time she's awake. She's sleeping in 7 hour chunks at night, adores baths and showers, and is just generally awesome and easy (other than her dislike of the car seat and all other baby gear). JP is good too- new swim school students signing up every day!

Boys playing with Landon's Santa gift

So all is well, even if sore, dessert-less, and stretchy pant clad on my end. This was my view looking down a few minutes ago.

Squishy baby snuggles!

Four more weeks to soak up the snuggles and the midday yoga classes and I plan to enjoy every single one.


  1. Shut up! Wendy Davis?! I would have been equally googly-eyed. That's awesome! :)

  2. I'm not a fan of Wendy Davis but I can only imagine what it is like to meet a political hero. Very awesome!

    Cora is an adorable yogi :)

  3. Shrieking like a school girl (YOU MET WENDY DAVIS!!!!! OMG!!!!) Fangirl for life :-) Lilian

  4. I'm trying my first Barre class tonight - so excited! Thanks for motivating me to give it a go :)

    1. Yay! They're so great! I just got back from mine this morning and my legs are still shaking in a completely wonderful and cookie-deserving way. Barre is the best exercise I've found that is still enjoyable while it's hard and that truly changes the shape of your body in the best possible way (toned and lengthened). I'm a total disciple for it now :). Have fun!