Sunday, January 19, 2014

Chins Up!

Hi, I'm Cora. I'm 2 months old and wearing a nicely fitted 6 month old pink bunny outfit.

This is how I feel about it:

(Ridiculous. I feel ridiculous. Ridiculous and adorable.)

Okay, gotta go.

(Yeah, I totally rolled over yesterday. What the WHAT?!)


  1. 3rd baby...just wait until she toilet trains herself! That first photo! Vicki Lawrence as Mama!!! Are you too young to remember? I'm in stitches!

  2. Her expressions are priceless! And she's so motivated!

  3. As a P.S.--Do you watch "The Good Wife?" Chicago, Law, Left-leaning, feminist writing--sounds right up your alley. First four seasons available on Hulu for free, I think.