Sunday, October 20, 2013


Projects- we're doing them!

I am working hard on growing a baby. A project that is now 22 days away from completion.

I continue to feel good. Honestly, other than my obsession of countdowns and general impatience, I almost wouldn't believe I only have 22 days left. My back is much better now that I know resting it isn't the answer and my heartburn has been cured by this crazy drug called "Zantac." I'd never had heartburn before two weeks ago- in fact, I nearly got in a fight with JP the first time I felt this "burning low in my throat" and he told me it was heartburn and I kept arguing that no, it's in my throat. I told my OB and her expert diagnosis was, indeed, heartburn, and I was to take Zantac twice a day. One pill later and it was a whole new world. I've continued taking one a day and haven't had any throat burn since! Oh modern medicine, I love you so.

(Side note: the pictures above were taken at the end of a 10-hour work day, filled with 8 hours of very intense testimony taking; my second day of taking testimony in a row. Last week was a WEEK, you guys, and I had to do it without wine. Everything went well, but I am so glad it's over.)

Nighttime routine: kisses and hugs for baby first, THEN for mommy

In my need to Do The Things and my self-imposed ban on baby shopping until after my baby shower/couples party next weekend, I've been washing and folding pink linens and other tiny things. I discovered a hidden cache of baby items in the garage that we saved in the move- turns out, I have my Arms Reach Co-Sleeper (now set up in the corner of our bedroom- it's happening!), all of our infant toys, and several other baby items I'd already borrowed or replaced. Apparently some secret part of me knew we were having a third child when we were packing in March 2012.

JP continues to work on our family's biggest project- the assembly of our 1,000 piece 700 lb. much-anticipated play set. He got pretty far on Saturday, but the roof was killing him (the 48 screw holes didn't line up, like at all), so we attached the swings and trapeze and called it a day. The kids were thrilled.


And we went on a birthday dinner date!


We enjoyed a delicious dinner, delightful conversation, and the best bread pudding in Fort Worth. Happy 32nd birthday to my very favorite person in the whole world!


Today, after JP went on a long run and I sat on the couch and fought with Shutterfly, we were back to it. And by "we" I mean JP, with assists from Landon, and drive by moral support and the occasional passing of a wrench or screw by me. Oh, and I banged in some poll caps with a mallet! Because I'm handy.



Claire tested out the slide, Landon was delighted by everything (as he always is) and at 2:00 we (JP) were done!!


He mentioned he was hungry and we realized it was 2:00 p.m. and no one had eaten since the pumpkin bread I'd baked at 8 a.m. that morning. Oops. We high-tailed it to a local restaurant for a much deserved basket of chips and queso and a side of burgers and fries.


Next weekend we're (JP) cleaning all the sky lights and after that every item on my fall to-do list is done! The baby's room looks so cute and so very ready for a baby to be in it. It occurred to me yesterday that I should probably start packing a hospital bag. Claire was so patient (and so thoroughly stuck in my hip bone) that I've gone from thinking my baby might be surprisingly early (a la baby #1) to being blissfully and ignorantly confident that she will wait right until the moment she's scheduled to be evicted (a la baby #2). It literally wasn't until yesterday that I realized there could be an in between. So now I have some things packed and a list of what else I would want to throw together if needed. 3 more weeks (at the most!).


  1. You look totally fabulous! Love your sexy red dress :)

  2. I love the blue dress! Where are you buying your fabulous maternity work clothes?

    1. Thanks! I love that dress too! I get most of my work clothes at Motherhood (the blue dress is here). There stuff is pretty inexpensive, but I've been surprised at how well it's held up between pregnancies, as long as you pick through the cheaply made stuff (and overly precious items involving bows, but that may just be me :). In particular their pants and dresses have treated me very well!

  3. you look great!! i wholeheartedly approve of the blue dress ;)

  4. The play set is so awesome! How great of you guys to do that for the kids :)