Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hello There

Why hello there! It's been forever- well, really only 8 days, but that seems like a long time, particularly for a pregnant person who measures everything in her life in week-long increments that go sloooowly by. Speaking of being pregnant, let's just get that update out of the way. Baby girl and I are in Week 34 and we're very excited about it!


Not that you can tell by my awkward hand-placement and mirror pose, but we're feeling good and are excited to meet each other in 5 weeks and 5 days. Though, while I do feel generally fine, I am pretty sure my belly took on a whole new dimension over the weekend. I woke up Monday morning, walked past the giant mirror that stretches across our bathroom, and stopped short. Whoah. Mentally, I know it's part of my body that has grown in a very natural way, but it will never not be weird to see it just jutting out like some foreign object that's been glued on. Pregnancy is weird.


But kids are freaking awesome.

Claire let me do her hair this morning, so I thought hey, stand there cute children and I'll snap a quick picture to send to Gigi. And both of them, without any overt communication between them, immediately struck a flamingo pose.


And then my finger hit the picture button on my phone again on accident and I got a slightly blurry picture that perfect captured Claire's look of love at her big brother. Like, "Isn't this cool Yandon? We're being mingos together!"


Good god I love those two.

We enjoyed a lovely weekend. I read a lot, cooked a lot, and watched the kids play a lot. JP made them a fort in the play room and we worked (well, JP worked, I continued my feverish reading of free digital library books) and smiled and listened in on their hilarious story lines and commentary. When Landon was a baby I could never have envisioned a rainy Saturday where I had two kids that were a non-bothersome, entirely fun value-add on a thoroughly lazy day.


Here I believe Landon had been instructed to make a fire while Claire laid out their tea. There's no reason camping out can't be civilized.


Claire remains VERY a very attentive little mother. While Landon was helping JP outside with the yard work (leaves have already started to fall, poor guys) and I was laying on the couch (because that's part of what my to do list these days), Claire read books to her babies. So, again with the eavesdropping and smiling.


And to short-circuit the rest of this post, we'll do 3 highs and 3 lows from the last 8 days. Lows: (1) my OB was put on bed rest and will be unable to continue seeing me for the rest of my pregnancy, which is a bummer because I really liked her and now I have to find another (my appointment tomorrow is with one of her partners); (2) Congress has refused to fund the government over the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare, a law that they passed, that was challenged and upheld by the Supreme Court, and was a key issue of the most recent presidential election (which they lost), so my family and I may LOSE MY PAYCHECK through no fault of mine which makes me stabby to an extreme degree; (3) Breaking Bad is over; and (4) Landon's after-school program STILL hasn't started. So, lows.

Landon left this tiny ghost he made on our ottoman and it made me smile

But our highs are that: (1) my agency budgets well and has enough leftover 2013 funding to pay our next paycheck, so I still get to go to work and earn a living for the next 10 days, but there are no guarantees after that (but I'll hyperventilate if I think about it, so let's not); (2) Breaking Bad may be over, but the last season was every bit as awesome as I hoped it would be so I can't even mourn it yet; (3) Landon continues to love everything about school; and (4) Endless Knight (#2 in the Kresley Cole Arcana Chronicles I fell in love with last year) was finally released and I loved it! (Mini lowlight- it ended in a cliffhanger and #3 isn't out until Fall 2014, a date that seems so far away as to be meaningless. I'll have 1-year-old!)

But all in all, as long as I will get to go to work and be paid for it, things are pretty good in the Lag Liv house right now.



  1. Glad you have a bit more time than some of my other friends. We are days apart but you definitely look cuter and more rested. I look, well, exhausted... Love, love, love your little flamingos!

  2. Ugh, I was wondering how you were faring with the shutdown. Because a pregnant woman totally needs that stress. I just read an article in which Judge Fitzwater said they have about two weeks funding for the federal courts, so a certain high-profile case continues for now. I hadn't even though about the courts shutting down (at least for civil cases) until then. Our idiotic, impotent Congress should be forced to sit in a room and read all the stories about how real human beings are impacted by their childish behavior.