Sunday, July 8, 2012

What We've Been Doing

I can't believe it's been a week since I last posted- a Wednesday 4th of July made for a very disjointed week. We drove to my parents' lake house Tuesday night after work to spend the 4th with them, my brother and his girlfriend, my aunt uncle and two cousins, five labradors, and several hundred dollars worth of fireworks. Also beer, margaritas, a boat, a few jet skis, and a large flotilla of lounge floats. And a floating cooler. Good times, though unfortunately I have no pictures to share- because I was too busy having the good times. We drove back Thursday morning because JP had to work, but I used up a time-off award and spent the afternoon grocery shopping and sleeping off the sun and bruising tube rides (which I dominated, no thanks to my brother's insane driving and JP's attempts to kick me off my tube; victory was sweet, but my banged up elbows and bruised legs are not).

While I did not take pictures of the fun and patriotic holiday, full of children and food and American flag bikinis, I did take pictures of the following random things with my iPhone over the last 7 days:

Tex got a hair cut. He looks totally embarrassed to be so naked, but he's so much cooler without his lab/husky double coat and my floor is SO much cleaner.


JP worked the whole drive to the lake house and half the time we were there and the whole drive back. JP's work is a demanding mistress and I am jealous of their time together.


I worked out at home on Saturday with a barre class dvd. I did the dvd because I felt guilty for missing the class, and I missed the class because I was so into my mopping I didn't want to stop until I was done. Who am I?


We went to a party last night. A party full of grown-ups and mixed drinks and music and a former American Idol contestant. It was so fun and so very unlike us now that we're old and boring. I even treated myself to a short shopping trip and one new shirt to wear for the occasion. I know- it flies in the face of my last post, but I haven't bought a new piece of clothing in several months and it was so exciting to browse and try on and critique and browse some more in the hopes of buying one single special thing. Which was on sale, coupon eligible, and further reduced with an old $10 gift card, for a resulting price of $23. I paired it with very old but freshly bleached white shorts, a long gold and turquoise necklace, gold and teal earrings, and tan platform shoes. As always, I laid out my outfit while getting ready. It's a tradition brought to you by my elementary school days. JP mocks it, but he loved the result when it was on.


And even though we stayed out until the crazy hour of 12:30, I still went to my 9 a.m. work out class. And then I came home to prep lunches for the week. I find the rows of tiny containers so satisfying.


Midway through my chopping and portioning, Landon requested a picture because he and Claire were playing camping/night night. From what I can tell it involves laying on the ground and snuggling and then annoying the other person by being a little too clingy with the snuggling and then separating and starting over.


And now my mom is here for an AP biology teacher's work shop at TCU and JP and I are going to take Landon to his first EVER movie in a movie theatre for an early 5th birthday present. I'm excited that he's excited and also that I get to share popcorn with him because JP doesn't like it. It's a good week!


  1. I want to try a barre (sp?) class now! But I may love spinning a little to much to give up spin time for it. You are so organized, I need some of your magic powers!

  2. Loving that top. Where did you find it?

    1. Banana Republic. They have a bunch of colors (I was very torn between navy and the orange) and its a very nice, lined top with a side zipper. $45 full price, but they have a 25% off code online right now and I had a similar coupon from the mail. I live it :)