Thursday, April 19, 2012

Good Things

1.  JP and I sat on the couch tonight and watched TV together for the first time since we moved in 5 weeks ago.  A combination of things had to come together to make this happen: JP was not working (he's been working non-stop since February), I was not running renovation-related errands, our couch was not covered in relocated remodeling items, and our cable was connected to the right TV in the right room and the remote was programmed properly. Plus, there was fairy dust and some magic spells said.  It was a lovely 1.5 hours.

2.  90% of the renovation work should be done on Saturday.  I can't spend a dime on decorations (or anything besides food and I suppose new shoes for the kids but only because their toes are busting out the front and Claire keeps taking hers off, but NOTHING ELSE) for another month, and about half the money we ended up having to spend on the house was for boring, invisible things like new electrical wiring and bracing ceilings (turns out, the one above our bed wanted to fall in- awesome!), but it looks great- inside the walls and out.  And we're no longer in danger of spontaneously burning down because of the live uncapped wires in the walls.  I guess that's worth a few grand that could have gone to beautiful furniture and accessories.  I guess.

3.  I found a new local bikini waxer.  I researched and made an appointment with this waxer before I found a pediatrician for my children.  Priorities?

4.  My parents are coming tomorrow!  My house is a mess and they can't use their beautiful new shower because the door won't be installed until Monday but I'm so excited to see them and show them my new city.  Landon's been counting down the days for weeks.


  1. other than me being pregnant with my third, we really do lead parallel lives. we moved into our new old house almost three weeks ago and are still sort of in the middle of renovations but the end is near. it's exciting to know the house will look good but it's a a pain during! good to know the invisible stuff is worth it. we have do do a "sewer line cleanout" and that's a couple grand i'd rather not had to have spent too!

    funny re waxing. go you.

  2. Nothing is better than snuggle time on the couch in front of the TV. That is basically our only form of "dates" lately but, honestly, I prefer it to anything else! Glad everything is coming together!

  3. I'd be interested to hear what you think about the new waxer; I could really use one.

    On an unrelated note, consider trying the Cowtown Farmer's Market ( It is "producer only," which means everything sold there is "grown, raised or produced within 150 miles of Fort Worth." There may not be lots of vendors at this time of year, but the Artisan Baking Company ( sells its goods every Saturday from 8 to 12, and the bread is great and all-organic--often there is a line waiting at 8. And the Latte Da Daisy ( has great goat cheese!

  4. I love how the sentence immediately following the "not spending money on anything except food (and shoes)" was about an appointment for a bikini wax. How's that not spending money on anything going? ;) If that sounds incredibly snarky, it's not meant to. It's more amusement, because I think I make that promise to myself every month (usually right after paying off my credit card), and then things pop up. You know, emergency things, like 40% off storewide at Ann Taylor... :)

    1. Wait... Are you implying that personal waxing needs should come after clothes and food for the children?

      Actually the spending freeze is for next month- at this point, after buying 1,000 square feet of tile, new cabinets, 3 toilets, a bathtub, new mattress, bed frame, and 85,000 other things, anything else for this month is just a drop in the bucket. (which is totally not the mindset I should have, but it's true, so terribly true).

      And the AT sale is now?? I've been deleting all shopping emails without reading. Man, I really need new work pants.

  5. Yep, it's now. Hurry, while it's still April! :) And we bought a house in foreclosure, that needed a top to bottom remodel. I so understand. The first several months I felt as if I was just hemorrhaging money. Money that it took us years to save, but mere weeks to spend...

  6. #3 I totally get it lol. Its hard to come by a good one. Must start the trial and error early.