Tuesday, April 24, 2012

6 Week Report Card

I think I said "I love this job" about 27 times today. At least. Though, since I was in meetings with third parties and/or on the phone with investigative subjects much of the day, I kept most of my exclamations inside my head.

But seriously, I LOVE THIS JOB. It's taken a few weeks, and I still have a lot to learn- and I still do at least five things that terrify me every day, but I'm getting the hang of things. I know where to find stuff, know who to ask to do stuff, know the words to use to describe the stuff I'm asking about. I can make calls on my own, I've memorized my warnings under the Privacy Act, I don't fear answering my phone, and I don't get quite so scared to call people and ask questions about things I don't fully understand. Because it doesn't matter if I ask questions that might make me sound dumb (though I'm realizing more and more that my questions aren't dumb, I only fear they're dumb because I'm not a stock/options/financial statement reading expert)- what's important is that I ask the questions and do whatever I need to do to understand the transaction in question in order to best serve my client. And when your client is the federal government, people seem to have a lot of patience with you.

I worked 12 hours today - banking 3 credit hours for a future day off (the glories of government work- if I choose to work extra, I get it back 1-for-1 in vacation later), bounced between four investigations, made five phone calls with third-parties, met with one group of auditors, grabbed a lunch of queso-smothered steak nachos with a group of male co-workers who find my lunch-time appetite amusing, typed up an investigative report, and talked with an options expert in D.C.

I love this job.

In a separate check-up, our renovations our done!  Roger the Contractor is no longer JP's work-from-home co-worker and we have three (almost) fully-functional bathrooms!  Here's a preview of our new master bath (formerly a dark brown very old tiled, drop-ceiling'd, teeny tiny claustrophobic nightmare of a space), with Claire standing on the bench enjoying the rain shower. We love it!


  1. More pix! More pix! Can't wait to see the full reno!

    And I'm so glad you love your job. It's fun to hear how things are falling into place!

  2. I smile every time you say how much you love your job. Its good to see a big risk paying off. I must remember that for my future! And how cute is she. I worry for her teenage year. Oh, the boys will be trouble!