Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pictures from That Day I Had Fun 4 Days Ago

I billed 8 hours after 7 p.m. on Monday. Possibly the lowest moment of my legal career came at 3:01 a.m. as I was crawling in my bed and setting my blackberry alarm for 6:02 a.m. (I couldn't bear to set if for 6:00 and admit I was getting even a minute less than 3 hours of sleep). I had to wake up the kids at 6:50, which I hate having to do. I had the car all packed with my stuff, their stuff, and little to-go breakfasts. When I tapped Landon on his shoulder, he just rolled over and silently pointed to the door. When I woke Claire up she gave me a sleepy smile and held her hands up for snuggle time, but when I put her on the changing table and started taking off her pj's, she shook her head like, wait, no, this is not what I thought was happening, put me back to bed. Even better, I was also sick- my throat was on fire and I lost my voice- which was awesome for my 8 a.m. meeting with the partner to present my newly drafted arguments.

So, let's not talk about work. Instead, here are a few pictures from my very relaxing, restful, fun, family-filled weekend. We went to three parks, I baked cookies, and I slept. It was a little piece of heaven I can barely remember all these billable hours later.

Me and my girl:

You say: Claire, can I have a hug?
And Claire runs to you like this:

I make sure to do it several times a day.

She LOVES the slide. At one point, she threw herself down and landed face first on the wood chips at the bottom. As JP and I rushed over to her, she popped up, brushed off her hands, and ran over to the steps to do it again. Later we noticed she had two bloody knees; I think she sees them as a badge of honor and I freaking love that about her.

Dare devil moment part 2. Aka, "I can do anything my brother can do."

Claire really is our crazy little honey badger. She turned 16 months old yesterday and somehow manages to get more cute, more sweet, more funny, and more brave (also: crazy, foolhardy, utterly unconcerned with gravity and its effects) every day.

My case goes to trial in 12 days; I should have my life back in 17. There was a time I could survive on no sleep, but at 28, I appear to have already aged out of it.

Back to work.


  1. I feel your pain, sweetie. Will the trial only take 5 days, or did I misread that?

  2. Oh my goodness, those pictures about gave me a heart attack! She is so fearless!

    I hope the trial goes smoothly. My trial settled at the 11th hour so I'm trying to soak up the calm before the next storm without stressing about billables - I've learned now they will come in an avalanche soon enough! Good luck! Hopefully you get a real night's rest tonight!

  3. Hey Lisa! Yeah we think it will only take 5 days- many of the issues were resolved on summary judgment and in the claim construction hearing.

    And Brittany, enjoy the calm! I'm a big believer in seizing those moments and I look forward to doing the same on October 24th!

  4. I have been so depressed lately and that little girl hug picture was exactly what I needed. Adorable. Good luck with the trial. Knock 'em dead.