Friday, October 28, 2011

In the Office while Out of the Office

I ended up going to work today, but only for two hours of fun and candy and costumed children enjoying both.

Today was the Firm Halloween party. It's my favorite party of the year- all employees and their kids are invited, there's trick-or-treating around the offices on the third floor, and the conference room is transformed with treats, toys, and food (Whole Foods catered Hot Dogs, chicken strips, tater tots, and fruit- it's very clearly a kid event :). Not even my bone-deep need to get away from work today could keep me away from the party.

And the kids get to try out their costumes before the big day. Behold --

Optimus Prime and Bumblebee!

Partners in Crime and Candy! An Autobot Team United Against Decepticons and Naptime!

And Mommy in Her Magical Crime-Fighting Riding Boots!

We headed to the office to begin the trick-or-treating.

Claire was HIGHLY suspicious of everyone's attempts to give her candy. HIGHLY suspicious.

Why are you showing me that pumpkin filled with delicious candies?

Why are you trying to put candy in my bucket?

I'm taking my bucket purse and getting outta here.

Phew made it through without acquiescing to anyone's need to put something in my purse!

On to the conference center:

Optimus runs SO FAST.

Claire accepts a pink eyeball cup filled with lemonade, but remains suspicious of candy-filled pumpkins.

Shooting in manual!


60 seconds later, both the wings and the tutu were off and my bumblebee (who had already rejected the adorable headband) was running around with the big kids in tights, black patent shoes, and a striped tank top.

We headed home to naps, giggles, piles of pillows and a showing of Toy Story. We cuddled and cooked a frozen pizza and generally did not much of anything for the rest of the afternoon.

It's been a great day.


  1. That is the perfect day!! Love the costumes. Such cute kiddos!

  2. Such a great day! My firm does a similar thing and I missed it this year (because I was also taking the day off...).

    I'm glad you're getting a much-needed respite from The Craziness!

  3. so much fun! Biscuit is the most perfect bumblebee... for a while her hair was looking so red but she sure looks like a blondie in these pics!

  4. Omg LL!!! That picture of Claire clutching her sippy cup, giddy over her diabolical plan to take over the planet, is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE picture on your blog!!! I think it is the symmetry between her (wildly awesome!) hair and the tutu...perfection!!!! :)

  5. That looks like such a great time. It seems like no matter how hard you work, the perks with your job seem to make up for the long hours! The kids are just soo cute!

  6. I am sure you will take it with a grain of salt given other realities, but you should appreciate that your firm does that event! That is awesome! Not the case at my firm, by far.

  7. I do- or at least as much as I can appreciate it haven never worked anywhere else, but I do love my firm (or, more correctly, the Austin office of my firm- no other offices do this). I've always said, and I still agree, that if I left it wouldn't be to go to another firm, it would be to be a lawyer in some other, non-BigLaw capacity. Whatever happens, I will miss that party (and the family Holiday party) more than almost anything else :)