Monday, August 22, 2011


Today marked Claire's first official day in the Toddler room, and Landon's first day in the Pre-K "Big Room." Both were very excited; only one deigned to pose for a picture.

so sweet

more accurate

I know it's trite, but when did my snuggly little baby become this big, very independent little girl?

Claire, being Claire, marched right in to the new Toddler room without so much as a wave goodbye. She immediately appropriated a set of plastic farm animals and then spent about 10 minutes transporting them across the room to a little nest she made in the foam "gymnasium" corner. When I went to say goodbye, she allowed a hug and gave me a brief but enthusiastic wave, before turning back to her conversation with two baby/toddler friends. She seemed much older than her 14 months.

But then, tonight, she shrieked when I walked in the door. Over the course of the evening she gave me at least 30 hugs, all of them fierce, with her strong chubby arms wrapped around my shoulders. She wanted to be near me, on me, and she sighed with happiness, head resting on my shoulder, as we sang "You Are My Sunshine" in her room before bed. And as I laid her down, her hands clutching her pink blanket and Landon's loaned duckie, it was nice to see she's still at least part baby for a while longer.


  1. I am new to your blog, but it came highly recommended, and I am thoroughly enjoying everything I have read, including much of your back story and archived material.

    Thank you for this post. It hit very close to home as I am bemoaning my son's recent 1st birthday and how quickly he seems to be growing and maturing. I know people say it all the time, but honestly, where DOES the time go?

  2. Claire posts make my ovaries twinge... Maybe a talk with the hubby is in order.

  3. Procrastamom8/23/11, 12:20 PM

    That dress? That dress is IT!!! So cute.

  4. Love her legs!

  5. She looks more like Landon lately, don'tchathink?

  6. What an adorable outfit. She is getting so grown up! You have such beautiful children.

  7. Ah, thanks :) The dress is from Gap kids- I had a 40% off coupon so she ended up with two. Now I wish I'd bought every color- they're so cool and simple and cute!

  8. I also have a toddler. Letting her go to school for the first time concern me a lot. But it's good to let her explore the world I think.