Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back to AUS

I caught a late plane late last night to make it back home at 1:30 a.m. I don't sleep well in hotels (well, that's not true, I don't sleep well in hotels when I'm all by myself in a weirdly large bed without JP's large, lumbering, snoring, forced cuddling presence) and my dinner consisted of a glass of wine on the plane, so I was exhausted when I walked in the door. I dropped my suitcase on the floor in the bedroom, stripped off my clothes, and fell in to bed with JP. A JP who, despite scooting over and giving me big cuddles and hugs at 2 a.m., woke up at 6 a.m. looking absolutely shocked to find me in bed with him. Like really shocked. It would have been pretty funny if I weren't so tired.

I was thrilled to wake up with him, thrilled to see the kids when they came in our room, but decidedly NOT thrilled to be back in this nonsense:


108? Really?!

While in Palo Alto and its FABULOUS 65-degree weather (I actually found it reassuring that cities exist in the US where you can sit outside for lunch in August; spend too much time in Texas and you start thinking the whole US is scorched earth), I had dinner with a longtime reader. She's been reading my blog since 2007 and somewhere along the way we became facebook friends and now we're both BigLaw lawyers who can recognize each other on the street! I love that! One second after our hello hug (she held out her hand, but though I decry much of my Texas heritage, I'm a hugger), she cried out, "you have a Texas accent! I never pictured you with an accent!". Two seconds after that we took turns talking (well, we tried, there was a lot of talking at the same time too) non-stop for the next 90 minutes over a delicious dinner at Evvia. CZ, it was so great to meet you and the next time I have a "what the hell am I doing and why am I doing it" moment I hope I have someone as simultaneously sympathetic and "eh, it's all going to be fine" to talk it out with. Preferably while eating ridiculously good Greek food on a pretty street in a small downtown on a cool August evening.

I really need to go to bed, so here's bullets of other highlights and tidbits from the last 3 days:

- Highlight: drinking a half bottle of red wine on my Palo Alto hotel terrace on Monday early evening. I don't really like business travel, I'd rather be with my family in my crazy calm house, but that 60 minutes with my laptop, work, wine, and a cool breeze was lovely.

- Highlight: meeting with a law school friend on my way to the airport on Tuesday. She transferred after 1L year, so it had been forever and it was so great to see her! As it turns out, I know a lot of people in Silicon Valley. If I could take my house with me, I'd move there in a heartbeat.

- Lowlight: staring down the rabbit hole. Lately I've been tired enough (and JP has been working enough, and liking working enough) to contemplate what it might be like to not work this much. For the first time it occurred to me that we might not always NEED me in this job. I wouldn't have to be married to my blackberry, I wouldn't have to lose sleep over emails, I could spend more time with the kids, I could find hobbies! It's dangerous. It's not helping. I'll try to write about it soon.

- Tidbit: I read a blog post of a high school friend who just had twin baby boys. The pictures of the newborns all swaddled, the parents meeting them, the big sister touching their tiny feet-- I cried. Like a lot. And then I texted JP to tell him we were having another baby immediately. He lol'd back and I've since returned to reason, but man, just when I think I've made a decision on that front I change my mind again.

- Tidbit: today I responded to emails from opposing counsel and our damages expert while laying on a table getting a brazilian bikini wax. I kind of want to include that story in my year-end self evaluation- shows my dedication right? Or the first step in a complete breakdown of work-life boundaries. Either way, it's good for the firm!


  1. Yep. Working while getting a wax is super multi-tasking. It's right up there with the guy that told me about the time he took a call from the Vice President (of the US!) while getting a colonoscopy. Though maybe working would be a nice distraction from the awkwardness of the wax...

  2. CZ here. Great to meet you too! Am still getting over the shock of the accent. Also, to fellow readers, LL is as well put together and articulate in person as she is on this blog. Impressive woman, seriously.

    Not sure what to say re: Brazilian other than ouch!

  3. LL, you're definitely a multitasker! Ouch! I've never worked up the nerve to get a Brazilian. If it's any consolation, DC is pretty darn hot too, with temps in the high 90s to around 102/103, not facturing in humidity. However, next time you're in this sweltering metropolis we need to meet up. I think of you every time I walk past your firm's DC office.

  4. This made me laugh. I guess it would help prevent the awkward need to make conversation. That is always the worst part of Brazilians. You both feel obligated...

    - A

    P.S. I have now read your blog from start to finish. It is great and you always make me laugh or reflect. You totally inspire me. Keep it up!

  5. omg, I've totally responded to emails during bikini waxes! And I, sadly, have also reviewed flash cards during appts (the day before the bar exam)...I hope to draw the line at working while in the hospital giving birth ;)

    Glad the trip went well!

  6. OMG I hope you come to Utah so I can meet you. Let the lure of skiing or the Sundance Film Festival bring you here so we can have dinner!

  7. Am I completely out of touch (being with my husband for the last 12 years) -- do most women do Brazilians these days??

  8. My new motto is: NEVER talk on the phone while getting a wax!! I was giving a recorded testimony to an insurance company at the time of my last wax, so I wasn't paying close attention ..... or any attention, until it was too late.
    I think I'm moving to a new salon.

  9. I'll stay anonymous for this one...but Anonymous on 8/5/11, I want to know the same thing! Do most women get Brazilians now?!?!?! I was with my husband for 12 years and we're now getting a divorce. Suddenly this information is important to me, as eventually I will be dating again and whenever that happens and I'm back in the saddle, so to speak, I don't want to look (how do I put this delicately...) out of style.

  10. Hi anons! I honestly have no idea how common it is now, but I'm certain it's not the majority (or as this morning's anon put it so well, you will not be out of style without one). A quick survey of my close friends revealed that roughly half wax down there to some extent, maybe a quarter doing something more than just the bikini line. I'm a relative newcomer, finally biting the bullet and trying it late last year. And I'll say I'm now a big fan and would continue to do it even without JP or any other guy in the picture. (Though JP's jaw dropping appreciation was a comfort- the first time hurt!) So try it out if you're genuinely interested (I like how quick and easy it is, and how it feels smooth for weeks longer than shaving), but don't in any way feel like you need to or it's expected. And go to a good place- ask around and read online reviews, right down to the name of the technician people seem to prefer. It makes a big difference!

  11. I, too, was a late-comer to this experience (bikini wax) and wish I had started earlier. It lasts so much longer than shaving
    The first time was quite painful, but it's relatively quick.

    And from what I've heard from the technicians, and from young girls/women (high school & college aged) the new thing is to have everything waxed off. Yes. Every.Thing.
    I don't understand this and I'm not passing it on as a fashion "do", I'm just reporting what I've been told by more than one female.
    Still shaking my head over it .....

  12. Where are you???