Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Lanman

You've come a long way buddy.

From a preemie with respiratory distress syndrome and a troubling habit of forgetting to breathe, to a very cute, but absolutely exhausting baby:

To a sweet, funny, occasionally extremely frustrating kid, and a seriously awesome big brother.

I truly can't believe you're four, but I also can't believe we've only had you that long. Happy Birthday buddy, we love you so!


  1. Hard to believe! Happy Birthday LanMan!

  2. How time flies! I hope all of you have an awesome day with the birthday boy!

  3. Happy birthday, little guy! Wait, he's not so little any longer. Huh. I hereby declare that our 4 year olds need to be frozen in time. Are you with me?

  4. I Love the pic of him with the spiderman mask- so funny! He's got so much personality!

  5. He's a doll - I've so much enjoyed watching him grow! (Also, I really can't believe how much your kids look alike as babies!)

  6. Happy Birthday, buddy!
    Hope you had a Great One ... something tells me we will hear all about it!