Thursday, July 21, 2011

Alternate Means of Transportation

Claire now prefers to travel by dump truck.


Fast is her favorite.


But sometimes it's nice to go slow, to better contemplate life and the ways she can top her own awesomeness.


Sometimes she just sits in the truck bed, resting her legs before her next run up the stairs or other attempt at mayhem. Other times she'll go searching for her dump truck and will push it, hunched over with a determined look in her eye, to the room we're all in, just to climb in the back and hang out with us for a while.


But my favorite is when she climbs in and yells "LA-NA!" In moments, her Landon comes running to push "his baby" wherever she wants to go.


I love the watching them come up with new ways to play together, separate from JP and me.  Their combined giggles make my heart happy and the time they spend together not only enables me do things like make dinner and maintain my sanity, but with each loop of the dump truck through the kitchen and every laugh and delighted shriek I hear coming from the play room, they actually restore my sanity (and my smiles).


  1. Sweet little children play together with each other! bonding with each other is important for a child in their growing process..

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  2. They look so happy! And a big YES to the "restoring sanity" part. It's the little things -- my girl insists on stories every night before bed. Last night I said I thought I might be too tired for stories, or at least ones that weren't super short. I started with a simple one about angels and stars, and she said, "I liked that so much, Momma. That was a GOOD story." It restored my soul. I wasn't so tired anymore!

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  4. This was so sweet, it's exactly what I daydream about when I think about giving my daughter a sibling. They grow to become best friends and it's amazing.