Thursday, December 9, 2010

Putting the Balls On

This is the post I intended to write yesterday, before I got distracted by the drama of the morning and the big ugly bruise on the top of my foot (which actually matched my dark brown pants and heels, yay?).

On Tuesday night we finally decorated our Christmas tree.

Now you might be like not think the word "finally" is necessary when we'd only had the tree for two days (I fell into this category), but you are not a three-year-old who for the first week of December thought a fully decorated Christmas tree would magically appear downstairs one morning when he woke up because Santa brought it. Turns out he doesn't really remember the details from last Christmas, so a lot of things are jumbled up in his mind. Once he realized we had to buy the tree and decorate it ourselves, he thought that sounded like fun and kept asking, "when are we going to put the balls on?" And JP and I kept giggling because, you know, balls.

So on Tuesday evening, I picked up a Costco pizza for dinner, put on the Raffi Christmas CD, and got out the ornaments.

Oh, and put the Biscuit in Landon's old Santa outfit.

Because what's the point of having children around the holidays if you can't dress them in adorable ensembles?

Landon was SUPER excited to FINALLY put the balls on. He was very deliberate and careful in his ornament placement and his small section of the tree looked beautiful (and used up 90% of our decorations).

Claire sat on the side and watched until we put her under the tree like a present. That didn't last long because she kept trying to pull the ornaments into her mouth. Though for the cookie monster one below, who can blame her?

It was a very good time. And with the Raffi playing and the Sesame Street Christmas Ornament collection, it almost felt like I was 10 again and at home with my family decorating our tree. The only difference is the Lag Liv family tree was 50% smaller and the father-figure kept grimacing at the Christmas music (children's Christmas music, he kept telling me, as if that was a bad thing), whereas my dad would have be belting out the songs and laughing at the "We Wish You A Merry Christ-Moose and a Hippo Near Year" song (every time). But JP's going to come around on the Christmas music, I just know it. At least on the Raffi Christmas album, because we can't do anything Christmas-y without it. I burned a few copies of the CD and now have one in his car, my car, and our playroom CD player. I'll break him soon.

God I love the holidays.


  1. We decorated our tree last night, and I spent most of the time grumpy because my husband kept complaining about my Johnny Mathis Christmas CD, which I always listened to through my childhood tree-decorating. Glad to know we aren't alone.

  2. LOL. Balls. Hah! Sounds like loads of fun! I love kids with holidays. I just wish we had great things like Raffi's Hanukkah album. Love Raffi, love Hanukkah. But Hanukkah music is hard to come by!

    It really reminds me of how magical holdiays are when you're a child. What is Landon getting for Christmas this year? The runaway hits from Hanukkah are Pillow Pets, the Melissa and Doug Cookie and Sushi sets, and the "music pods" (mp3 players - though they're not iPods. My 5 year old, however, is apparently aware that iPods exist and has decided that these are "music pods").