Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Booties and Bleh

The only thing keeping me on the good side of a bad mood right now are the fabulous 4" high black Calvin Klein booties I picked up on clearance at DSW yesterday during lunch. I'm wearing them with a grey sweater dress and black/grey heathered tights. It's a good thing I decided to dress up instead of wearing the jeans I had planned because walking around the office at 6' tall keeps pulling me out of the doldrums any time I look at my desk and threaten to fall into them again.

Opposing counsel, the ones who filed a motion to compel on the night before Thanksgiving, filed another motion to compel today. We'll get an extension on the response, so it won't be due on the 28th like it's supposed to be, but ARGH it's still annoying to have to think about it at all over the holidays. Today was supposed to be my day to straighten up my office, enter my time, and go home early to do some laundry and figure out how to pack everything in our car for our holiday travels. I have done (and will be doing) none of those things.

In JP's family news, my in-laws decided to recognize Christmas with us after all. A box showed up on our doorstep yesterday with wrapped presents for the kids and a Christmas check for JP and me. They're buying our forgiveness (or not really forgiveness, since in their minds nothing happened and there's nothing to forgive, but certainly buying our implicit agreement to ignore the fact that we haven't spoken to them in 6 months and they've never met their granddaughter). And I think we're going to let them do it. It's complicated, way more so than I'm going to describe here, but at least I got to buy a new pair of black booties for myself (and deep red heels and black platform heels). I kid, the real things I got out of this particular drama were 6 months of no dinner-time phone calls and a clearer understanding of what kind of stance I'm comfortable taking with them. And what they got is losing out on 7 months with their grandkids and learning, at least on some level, that we're not playing their games any more. If they threaten to cancel a visit to see us, then it's canceled and we're not stepping up to fix it until they do. It's pretty much how we approach life with a toddler- clear boundaries and no idle threats. We'll see where it goes.

This is getting depressing again, so I'm going to smile at my shoes (they really are awesome), eat one of my sugar cookies, and get back to work. Oh, and just to finish certain plot points, the Clairebiscuit is doing MUCH better. The antibiotic seems to have cleared up her sinus infection and she's not throwing up anymore! She's smiley and happy and utterly delightful. She played in bed with me for 30 minutes this morning while I decided to get up and get dressed.

She reminds me of a quote from Elf that my friend posted this morning, "I just like smiling. Smiling is my favorite." It's usually mine too. I'll snap back to it soon.

P.S. Here is a picture. These are suede and mine are kid skin, but you get the general idea. They look fabulous on and my feet barely hurt after 8+ hours of wearing them and walking all around the office.


  1. Is that red hair I see?! I love it!

  2. I totally get what you're saying about family gatherings! It's so weird to feel awkward surrounded by people you've known for your whole life. I definately prefer staying home.

  3. the elf quote is just perfect for your little biscuit :)

  4. Pictures of or links to the shoes? :)

  5. EH: I'm not sure about red hair, maybe light brownish with a hint of red? It depends on whether or now I have on my flash, and here I didn't so you could see her baby blues :) Whether or not she has my hair, she definitely has my eyes! (and it's only fair that I get one kid who looks something like me since Landon is a perfect copy of JP at age 3.5)

    Anon: I tried to find a link, but DSW doesn't put their Calvin Kleins on their website. I'm looking for a picture though - I've never gotten so many compliments on a pair of shoes/outfit before. Everyone needs a pair!