Monday, April 6, 2009

Landon's Busy Weekend

In the 7 months that I've been a full-time working attorney I've learned that weekends are magical. When I was a student, weekends were an opportunity catch up (or at least pretend like I was going to, oh the things I'd tell myself on Friday I'd have done when I returned to class on Monday). As a worker bee, weekends are a break, a time my brain can function at a substantially lower level without guilt or apology. Sure I sometimes need to log in for a few hours, but I generally know what needs to be done and the hours it will require, it's not the ever present weight on my shoulders that impending exams used to be.

Landon likes weekends too. He loves having his mommy and daddy all together in the same house as he runs about to entertain us. This weekend seemed especially full of fun. I present Landon's Busy Weekend, a story in pictures.

1. He got a cheap Easter bucket to practice for the upcoming Week of Easter Egg Hunts. He enjoyed taking our practice egg in and out of the bucket, but quickly abandoned that in favor of turning the bucket upside down and zooming it around the room. He doesn't yet know the eggs open to reveal his favorite fruit snacks and I think that little surprise is going to blow his mind.

2. He got two new bath toys and had lots of fun showing them to his cat (who always supervises bath time).

Not pictured: Landon scooping water into the crab and handing it to Lilly to drink; Landon finishing the water she left behind; Mom suggesting Landon and Lilly drink the bath water out of separate plastic toys (or you know, not drink the bath water at all, but I didn't think they'd be receptive to that suggestion).

3. On Saturday he went to Mozarts on Lake Austin to feed ducks and meet a new friend (Becca and family from Academomia. They were delightful and it was so reassuring to see a family with a toddler and infant out in public and looking all put together and happy. Becca had both boys while getting her PhD and successfully defended her dissertation right after Wesley was born. She makes me feel unimpressive, but it was still so nice to finally meet her and her equally nice and brilliant PhD husband).

At first Landon didn't quite understand the "feed the ducks and not yourself" concept, as every piece of bread I gave him went directly in his mouth, but after a cup of cereal and Cinnamon roll he seemed willing to share old bread with his feathered friends. He had lots of fun pointing out all the water buses and sticking his feet through a gate under the deck with Becca's son Charlie.

4. On Saturday afternoon Landon and his belly went to the pool. Immediately after this picture was taken he flipped out and completely forgot that he liked water and spent the rest of the time running around the pool deck holding a beach ball and pointing out the "Wawa! Wawa!"

Not pictured: Later that night JP and I went on a date beause Steve offered to hang out with his favorite toddler. We are very lucky in our friends.

5. After church on Sunday he continued to work on putting on his shoes. He remains utterly unsuccessful.

6. 3.5 months after receiving his shopping cart, he suddenly realized he could fit inside of it. Kind of. This discovery occupied much of the rest of Sunday evening as he tried to figure out a way to be in the cart while also pushing it. Like the shoes, he remains unsuccessful but determined.

Landon also helped mom trim bushes (I turned around to find him loading all the fallen branches into his wagon), ate his weight in pancakes, learned all the names of his barnyard animals, and danced up a storm.

I wouldn't say I live for weekends, at least not yet, but I do enjoy the heck out of them.


  1. I absolutely love the stories on your blog! Please keep them coming. With everything going on in the world these days, reading your stories provide the refreshment I need to get through the work week!

  2. I love that Lilly is like a hall monitor for bath time!

  3. Oh, if it were only warm enough for a pool trip around here.

  4. OMG, he is the CUTEST thing. What a wonderful weekend! The bath water/cat saliva thing cracked me up! Eh, it builds their immune system. At least that's what I tell myself when my 2.5 year old drinks bath water and my 4 year old lets the dog lick her lips.

  5. We had a great time with you guys too!! I love that picture of the boys together. What an adventure we had. Such a compliment that you found us "put together". That made me giggle a little. :)

    Great pic of Landon at the pool too!

  6. Landon's always been a cute baby, but OMG, when did he turn into the cutest thing in the world? Seriously, the pics you've posted in the last couple of months - he's really grown into quite the handsome little man!

  7. the shopping cart! Weekends ARE awesome...I never get anything done on my list...playing with the kids always trumps dishes (at least until they wrap around the counter! :>)

    I LOVE his plaid shorts and am now SERIOUSLY wishing I lived in a warmer climate so I could a. go swimming with the kiddos, and b. put the kids in their cute summer outfits!

  8. I just got my kid a shopping cart a week or so ago. Man - he LOVES that thing. I think it's hilarious.

    PS - Landon's hair is hawt.

  9. Picture with Landon and Lilly = possibly the cutest thing ever! Our cats love post-shower time

    The picture of Landon's belly is drop dead sexy

  10. I swear, every time you post a picture of The Belly, I have to reassert my jealousy that bellies like that don't look cute on adults.

    (Somewhat appropriately, my word verification is "sizin.")

  11. So fun, and so, so cute.